Books on Beauty Philosophy

Is there such a thing as beauty? And if so, how do we define it? Is it just in the eye of the beholder, or can we grasp some sort of objective truth about what is beautiful and what is not?

These are the questions that have been asked throughout history by philosophers. Is art beautiful because it elicits an aesthetic response in us, or does something have to have an intrinsic property of beauty in order for us to consider it beautiful?

This blog will explore these ideas as they have been presented throughout history, from Aristotle’s conception of beauty as goodness to Kant’s belief that aesthetics are subjective and Hume’s belief that we can only experience beauty through reflection.

We will also explore more modern takes on the concept of beauty, such as the idea that anything can be considered beautiful if it is considered rare.

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List of Books on Beauty Philosophy

I’ve always been interested in the philosophy of beauty.

When I was a kid, I used to look up at the stars and wonder if they were beautiful, or if my perception of their beauty was just a figment of my imagination. When I moved away for college, and I looked back at my hometown, did it look more beautiful to me than ever before because I knew it was somewhere I might never see again? If you came from outer space, how would you describe the Earth? Would it be beautiful? What would that mean?

What if we could take all the qualities that make something beautiful and bottle them together? Would that be more beautiful than each thing on its own?

And what if we could separate all those things out, so we could see them isolated from one another? Then which would be the most beautiful? Which would be the least?

What do we do when we encounter something so ugly it’s funny? Can ugliness have its own kind of beauty?

Beauty is subjective. In fact, it’s even more subjective than most things are. Something can be objectively good or objectively bad, but something can’t be objectively beautiful (other than in a scientific sense). Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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