Books of Wisdom and Knowledge

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Updated Books of Wisdom and Knowledge

There was a time, long long ago (summer of 2013), when I wrote historical and philosophical articles on various subjects. These articles were cherished by many and inspired even more. For the first time since their publication, these articles (and some new ones) have been gathered and organized into one book: “Updated Books of Wisdom and Knowledge.”

The purpose of this book is to provide you, dear reader, with some wisdom for living. It is analogical in style like the books of old. I believe that this “wise man” method is very fitting for today’s world. These are not ordinary words; they come from my heart. Studying these books is like reading old manuscripts; some can be very profound while others can be just plain ol’ silly–but never dull or boring! This book has pages that range from serious to sarcastic, and that is because it collects articles that were published over many years–and yes, I have had more than one student of life. The books proper are broken into two sections: The Thinking Man, and The Practical Man.

These books contain the distilled wisdom and knowledge of history’s greatest minds. These minds kept a level head amidst the everyday problems of life, and lived a life worth looking up to. Many of these authors were once famous, or even infamous. Some have been forgotten by time. But their words have not been lost. These books have been rewritten and updated to conform to modern times while maintaining the essence of what made these great men so wise in the first place.

This e-book is a collection of well over a hundred articles dealing with everything from the Rule of Four, to intelligence and intelligence tests, justice, power, wisdom, fame, success, modernity, culture, history, knowledge, social orders/institutions/systems; how they form; how they decay; what can make them successful; what makes them fail; what is good (and bad) society; what constitutes human nature. etc.

This book is the place where historical knowledge and philosophical thought connect. It’s where you can study topics that range from important political events, to the mindsets of famous thinkers, to the relationship between science and religion. The best thing about this incredible work is how it takes something very complex (history) and transforms it into something easy to understand (information for your brain).

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