best undergraduate finance schools in the us

Last Updated on August 28, 2023

1Boston UniversityBoston, MA
2Boston CollegeNewton, MA
3College of William and MaryWillamsburg, VA
4Georgetown UniversityWashington, DC
5Carnegie Mellon UniversityPittsburg, PA
6New York UniversityNew York, NY
7Case Western Reserve UniversityCleveland, OH
8Fordham UniversityBronx, NY
9University of Southern CaliforniaLos Angeles, CA
10DePaul UniversityChicago, IL

Because there are a number of ways to apply a finance degree to your career, what you can expect to earn with the degree also varies. However, rest easy knowing your degree is setting you up to earn at least 50k annually.

That number, though, shoots up exponentially depending on your intended area of specialty. For example, personal financial advisors make over 90k annually. And financial managers with a BS in finance make, on average,over 121k a year.

Not only that, finance is as stable as it is lucrative. Those personal financial advisors mentioned above? It’s projected the need for them will rise an astounding 30 percent in just the next few years.

What are the requirements for a Bachelor in Finance degree?

All of the degrees below are housed in prestigious business schools with competitive expectations for applicants. However, you’ll have to take your general education core classes first. Be sure to nail these as well as your introductory business class. Then, apply to the business school during your sophomore year.

Once accepted, you can anticipate two years of classes on business fundamentals while specializing in finance. This means classes on everything from business administration to equity research, risk management, and investment strategies. Many programs offer professional development experiences too: internships, study abroad, business meet ups, and much more.

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