Best Sports Medicine Colleges In Ohio

Last Updated on June 1, 2022

Sports medicine is an incredibly competitive industry. Those with medical degrees are often attracted to the challenge and excitement of working with young people and professional athletes. By attending one of the top programs in sports medicine, individuals give themselves a better chance at gaining one of the most desired jobs in sports medicine.

Sports medicine colleges in ohio have been gaining popularity for quite some time. Ohio has several quality health care providers, and nine of these specialize in sports medicine. Students from all over the country are flocking to these centers of learning where they get the chance to get specialized medical training from experts in their field.

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What Is Sports Medicine?

According to Wikipedia, Sports medicine is known as a branch of medicine that focuses on physical fitness, the treatment, and prevention of sports injuries. Sports and exercise medicine (SEM) as its also called aim is to help people exercise safely and effectively to achieve training goals.

Generally, Sports medical professionals or specialists treat a variety of physical conditions, including acute trauma such as fractures, sprains, strains, and dislocations. Additionally, they also treat chronic excessive injuries such as tendinitis, degenerative diseases, and fatigue syndrome.

California is home to several well known schools for both academics and athletics. From the sunny coasts of Los Angeles, to the wilderness of Chico, California offers many choices when it comes to college life. The state’s great weather and outdoor activities also make it a great place for any aspiring sport medicine professional.

Sport Medicine Degree Programs

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Associate of Sports Medicine

Associate degree programs in sports medicine are generally offered as related to degrees.

These programs can last from 18 to 24 months and are often combined with closely related topics such as sports medicine/sports coach or sports medicine and fitness technology. Students may participate in clinics and / or external internships and attend courses in the following subjects:

  • Kinesiology
  • Exercise physiology
  • Human anatomy
  • Sports injuries

Bachelors In Sports Medicine

Sports medicine bachelor degree programs are usually offered as Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees, but some Bachelor of Arts programs are available. Colleges with sports medicine majors are somewhat unique, as the majority of programs are in kinesiology with a concentration or specialization in sports medicine, or might pair sports medicine with another subject. Students may be encouraged or required to participate in internships and may take courses in:

  • Sports ethics
  • Sports nutrition
  • Sports psychology
  • Statistics

Masters In Sports Medicine

At the master’s level, students can most commonly pursue a Master of Science (MS) in Sports Medicine and may be able to further specialize in the field in areas like athletic training or strength and conditioning. These degree programs typically provide students with extensive hands-on training through research, clinicals, and laboratory courses. Some of these programs may be available in hybrid formats with online components. Students in an MS in Sports Medicine program may be required to complete a thesis and/or take courses like:

  • Research methods
  • Performance evaluation
  • Injury prevention
  • Human movement
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PhD In Sports Medicine

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree programs in sports medicine are not as common, but may be offered as PhD programs in kinesiology with a focus or concentration in sports medicine. Some of these degree programs may be completed in as little as 4 years and typically require a dissertation. Coursework can often be tailored to a student’s area of interest and research, but may include subjects such as:

  • Biomechanics
  • Statistics
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Research

What Are The Benefits of best athletic training programs

Sports Medicine Careers | BestColleges

In sport generally, the benefits or importance parse of sports medicine cannot be overemphasized.

Sports is one major thing people have been involved in for years now even before the 20th century. As the days pass by, more people get involved in sports or exercise activities either to earn a living or to keep fit.

This is because they have realized the importance of exercise and physical activity for good health.

In the course of these sports and exercise activities, they get injuries like Sprains, strains, Lacerations, fractures, dislocations, and abrasions which causes pains and discomfort.

To help relieve these pains and prevent the occurrence of some of these injuries is where sports Medicine specialist comes play.

And because, sports medicine focuses on all topics related to sports and exercise, from injury prevention to training, it is more important and appropriate than ever.

Other benefits includes;

Uses Modern Treatment Options

Sports medicine specialists implore the modern and latest techniques and procedures to restore function in injured areas. These options are easier and faster when it comes to recovery.

From state-of-the-art reconstructive surgical techniques to regenerative medicine procedures such as platelet-enriched plasma (PRP) therapy and stem cell therapy,

Helps in making one a Better Athlete

Sports medicine professionals often play an important role in developing training programs tailored to an athlete’s individual needs, strengths, and weaknesses.

These specialists have the knowledge and tools to assess an athlete’s anatomical strengths and weaknesses, make recommendations for training schemes, and identify areas for improvement.

Improved Injury and Prevention of New Injuries

Owing to the fact that Sports medicine physicians or specialists use modernized technique options they tends to have a deep understanding of how athletes use their bodies during training and play.

Thus, they provide patients with expert advice and instructions to avoid injuries and to avoid re-injury in a previously damaged area.

Moreso, they help professional athletes and first-timers make important “play-back” decisions by doing physical exercises before participation to ensure that their patients are ready to resume activities.

Specialist Care

Sports medicine physicians are specially trained to care for athletes, fitness professionals, and active people. They understand the effects of sports and exercise on a patient’s body, such as concussions and recurrent movement injuries, and work closely with orthopedic surgeons and physiotherapists to develop treatment plans tailored to the specific needs of patients. each patient.

Best sports medicine colleges in ohio

Case Western Reserve University


For Sports Medicine

#2 in Ohio

#32 in the United States


University of Cincinnati


For Sports Medicine

#3 in Ohio

#52 in the United States.

University of Toledo


For Sports Medicine

#4 in Ohio

#90 in the United States

Ohio University


For Sports Medicine

#5 in Ohio

#103 in the United States

Wright State University


For Sports Medicine

#6 in Ohio

#118 in the United States

Sports Physical Therapy Residency | Ohio State College of Medicine

Miami University – Oxford


For Sports Medicine

#7 in Ohio

#143 in the United States

Kent State University at Kent


For Sports Medicine

#8 in Ohio

#153 in the United States

University of Akron


For Sports Medicine

#9 in Ohio

#164 in the United States

Best universities for sports medicine in the world

University of Southern California

The University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California offers some of the highest rated graduate programs in physical therapy, occupational therapy, and sports medicine in the country. Their research departments regularly retain students through to both Master’s Degrees and doctorates, helping them elevate the program even further.

The University of Southern California (SCU) provides 3  unique sports medicine programs for students. They are:

  1. Doctor of Chiropractic – Sports Medicine Track
  2. Doctor of Chiropractic – Sports Medicine Honors
  3. Post-Doctoral Sports Medicine Residency

University of Virginia

At the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, students in the kinesiology department will have the opportunity to work with the athletics department in treating student athletes across campus. Though a Bachelor’s Degree alone is insufficient for a license in Sports Medicine, the school has a great graduate program for those who want to pursue the career.

University of Pittsburgh

The three year program in sports medicine at the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania consistently ranks as one of the most competitive in the country. The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences offers a three year program from which students can then choose to go onto a Doctor of Physical Therapy or go into practice under the supervision of any physician.

University of Michigan

The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor has a program in athletic training with courses that give students true hands-on experiences. The school’s sports medicine fellowship provides full funding to a student and matches him or her with a residency that best complements his or her own educational path.

University of North Carolina

The Tarheels at UNC, Chapel Hill enjoy one of the best sports medicine programs, and the students of sports medicine get to enjoy learning from that expertise. Students will have the chance to learn on the job as they assist licensed sports medicine specialists in the school’s athletics department.

Stanford University

At Stanford University in California, students can test their research on kinesiology therapeutic exercise and injury care using the University’s Human Performance Laboratory.

Ohio State University

Located in Columbus Ohio, the Ohio State University sports medicine department emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to their practice. Students will likewise enjoy the benefits from this approach, gaining experiences with the medical school, the research labs, and the athletic programs at this huge school.

University of South Florida

The Sports Medicine Fellowship at the University of South Florida gives students who have already completed an orthopedic residency a chance to work with the school’s NCAA Division 1 sports teams.

University of California, Los Angeles

At UCLA, students in sports medicine will have access to the university’s state of the art research centers. There is also a special fellowship for recent graduates to work full-time with the school’s athletes.

Boston University

An undergraduate degree in physical therapy at Boston University can set up a student for easy entry into any graduate or medical program in sports medicine. Boston University’s fellowship in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery offers students an education in all aspects of sports medicine-related surgeries and treatments.

Whether students are looking only for an undergraduate education in sports medicine, or whether they are planning for a long and rewarding medical career, attending any of these top 10 universities will prepare them for success.

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