Best Speech Pathology Graduate Programs In California

Last Updated on June 1, 2022

Pathology is a branch of science that studies the causes and consequences of disease, illness, and injury. Pathologists analyze biological samples and carry out autopsies to search for medical conditions, offer diagnoses, and determine the causes of deaths.

As a pathology student, you’ll learn how to perform a range of diagnostic tests on cells and tissue samples. You’ll be taught how to interpret these medical results and identify any abnormalities. You’ll also conduct research into medicines and drugs to evaluate their safety and effectiveness.

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Pathology program structure

Pathology degrees are only offered at the postgraduate level. To enroll in these programs, you must have a strong bachelor’s degree in the medical field, and complete the necessary prerequisite courses. Most aspiring pathologists study a four or five year-undergraduate degree in medicine, followed by a two-year foundation course in pathology.

Once you’ve been accepted onto an MSc program, you’ll develop your theoretical and practical knowledge in pathology over an average of two years.

After finishing your MSc, you can begin working towards a PhD. This research-based degree is the highest formal qualification you can achieve. It takes anywhere between four and seven years to complete.

Pathology programs are usually taught through a combination of lectures, interactive discussions, group seminars, and practical laboratories.

You’ll spend a significant amount of time working on your independent research dissertation which will form a large part of your overall grade. You’ll also encounter written exams, assignments, multiple-choice and short-answer tests, presentations, and practical assessments.

Most students choose to specialize in a particular strand of pathology, so no two programs will look exactly the same. However, universities around the world typically deliver core modules in the following areas:

  • Introductory pathology
  • Applied principles of pathology
  • Mechanisms of disease
  • Genetics
  • Immunology
  • Virology and medical microbiology
  • Professional and research skills in pathology
  • Autopsies

Affordable Speech Pathology Graduate Programs

Speech Language Pathology Masters Programs (SLP) 2021+
RankSchoolLocationAnnual Tuition Median Debt Median Salary 
#1University of the Pacific Stockton (CA)$47,952$88,016$69,800
#2California State University-East Bay Hayward (CA)$17,921$41,000$68,700
#3California State University-Fullerton Fullerton (CA)$17,824$30,000$68,100
#4California State University-Fresno Fresno (CA)$17,525$28,071$68,000
#5San Diego State University San Diego (CA)$18,426$35,761$67,700
#6California State University-Long Beach Long Beach (CA)$17,736$41,000$67,400
#7Loma Linda University Loma Linda (CA)$29,372$55,410$67,100
#8San Francisco State University San Francisco (CA)$18,198$37,697$66,100
#9LIU Post Brookville (NY)$23,138$77,750$65,800
#10CUNY Lehman College Bronx (NY)$20,400$29,260$65,600
#11University of Redlands Redlands (CA)$21,552$51,250$65,300
#12California State University-Northridge  Northridge (CA)$17,831$53,985$65,200
#13William Paterson University of New Jersey  Wayne (NJ)$20,050$41,000$65,000
#14California State University-Chico Chico (CA)$18,546$30,000$64,900
#15Our Lady of the Lake University  San Antonio (TX)$17,142$44,352$64,900
#16The University of Texas at El Paso El Paso (TX)$14,878$29,664$64,400
#17California State University-Sacramento Sacramento (CA)$18,248$33,428$64,100
#18Teachers College at Columbia University New York (NY)$40,156$108,349$64,100
#19University of North Texas Denton (TX)$14,808$36,543$63,400
#20Stephen F. Austin State University Nacogdoches (TX)$14,347$36,138$63,300
#21The George Washington University  Washington D.C.$30,834$86,000$62,900
#22Stockton University Pomona (NJ) (and 1 other)$20,658$41,000$62,400
#23University of Arizona Tucson (AZ)$12,368$41,000$62,000
#24CUNY Hunter College New York (NY)$20,228Not Reported$62,000
#25University of Connecticut Storrs (CT)$39,272$40,723$61,900

Best Speech Pathology Graduate Programs In California

1. University of The Pacific

 Stockton (CA)

Median Salary $69,800 Median Debt $88,016 Annual Tuition $47,952 Student Reviews

The Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology degree at the University of the Pacific is offered through the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. The degree is offered with two options for completion: a 4 semester, 15 month program for students with an undergraduate degree in speech-language pathology, and a 6 semester, 24 month program for students with non-speech-language pathology baccalaureate degrees.

This program meets requirements for the following credentials: the Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology through the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association; California state licensure in Speech-Language Pathology through the California Department of Consumer Affairs; and the California Speech-Language Pathology Services Credential through the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. 

Students can satisfy requirements for clinical experience through internships at the on-campus Pacific Speech, Hearing and Language Center and the nearby RiteCare Childhood Language Center of Stockton. Student clinicians collectively see over 100 clients per week and are supervised by nationally-certified speech-language pathologists and audiologists. 

The Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology’s curriculum includes content like Anatomy and Physiology of Speech, Phonetics, Diagnostics, Audiology, Multicultural Populations, Dysphagia/Swallowing Disorders, Cleft Palate and Syndromes, Managed Care, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Public School Issues, Assessment Procedures, and much more. 

The University of the Pacific was founded in 1851 and is the oldest chartered university in California. They have three distinct campuses, with this program residing at their Stockton, California campus. 

Visit University of the Pacific’s website.

2. California State University – East Bay

 Hayward (CA)

Median Salary $68,700 Median Debt $41,000 Annual Tuition $17,921 Student Reviews

The University of California, East Bay, also known as Cal State East Bay, offers a Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology through their Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences. The program is designed to prepare students for California state licensure, national certification, and the Speech-Language-Hearing Services credential for school settings.

Students are able to observe, receive training, and do research at Cal State East Bay’s on-campus speech, language, and hearing clinic, or off-site at institutions like hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, schools, and clinics. Graduates can expect to gain skills in screening, assessing, and treating communication, cognition, and swallowing across the lifespan; evaluating, integrating, and applying scientific evidence, clinical expertise, and client values for optimal service delivery; and demonstrating a commitment to cultural competence, among other skills. 

The program consists of 66-68 total credits, including 46 credits of required core courses, 20 units of clinical practicum, and 0-2 credits of either the Master’s Comprehensive exam or the oral presentation of a finished thesis or project. Required Core Courses include curriculum like Assessment and Treatment of Child Language Disorders, Adult Neurogenic Disorders of Language and Cognition, Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Advanced Seminar on Cultural and Linguistic Diversity, Research Methods and Evidence-based Practice, and more. 

Cal State East Bay was originally named the State College for Alameda County at its founding in 1957. Changing names a few times through the 60s and 70s, the university became California State University-East Bay in 2005. The university’s main campus is located in Hayward, California. 

Visit California State University-East Bay’s website.

3. California State University – Fullerton

 Fullerton (CA)

California State University-Fullerton logo

Median Salary $68,100 Median Debt $30,000 Annual Tuition$17,824 Student Reviews

California State University, Fullerton’s Master of Arts in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) program provides the foundation for a career as a speech-language pathologist. The program offers a curriculum in all areas of communication disorders, such as multicultural issues, autism, augmentative and alternative communication, in addition to elective courses such as communication and aging, counseling skills in communication disorders, and advanced neurological and cognitive disorders. 

The CSD program consists of 30 credits total, which combines 24 required credits and 6 elective credits. Examples of required courses are Research in Communication Sciences and Disorders; Neurologic and Clinical Aspects of Speech, Language, and Cognition; and Seminar in Child Language Disorders. Comprehensive exams are required for 10 areas throughout the course of the program. 

The program distinguishes itself by highlighting its community-based professional connections. In addition to the campus’ Speech and Hearing Clinic, there is an off-campus clinical program for graduate students that offers opportunities for teaching, service, and research experiences in over thirty hospitals, clinics, rehabilitative agencies, schools, and private practices. Campus-based clinics offer the following areas in which students can complete supervised practicum: child, adult, audiology, aural rehabilitation, multicultural, school, and medical setting.  

California State University, Fullerton’s main campus is 241 acres and is surrounded by suburban neighborhoods and other educational institutions. It was founded in 1957, and incorporated into the California State University system in 1972.

Visit California State University-Fullerton’s website.

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4. California State University – Fresno

 Fresno (CA)

Median Salary $68,000 Median Debt $28,071 Annual Tuition $17,525 Student Reviews

California State University, Fresno, also known as Fresno State, offers a Master of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology housed in the university’s Department of Communicative Sciences & Deaf Studies. The master’s program is 36 credits and takes two years of full-time study to complete.

Students are required to complete at least 400 supervised clinical practicum hours, gained at the University Speech and Hearing Clinic, and in at least two other settings such as an internship, student teaching, or residency program. Students are required to complete their final student teaching and internship within the last two semesters of the program and within the last 12 credits of coursework. All Fresno State graduate students are required to complete a Culminating Experience, consisting of either a thesis, project, or comprehensive written exam. 

This program fulfills requirements for the following credentials: Speech-Language Pathology Services Credential, Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) in Speech Pathology, and the California State license from the California Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology and Hearing Aid Dispensers Board. 

California State University, Fresno opened in 1911 as a teacher’s college and was brought into the California State University system in 1972. It’s located in the richly diverse central California city of Fresno. 

Visit California State University-Fresno’s website.

5. San Diego State University

 San Diego (CA)

San Diego State University logo

Median Salary $67,700 Median Debt $35,761 Annual Tuition $18,426 Student Reviews

San Diego State University offers a Master of Arts in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences with one concentration: clinical Speech-Language Pathology. The program begins each Fall term, and the curriculum is completed over five semesters. The clinical Speech-Language Pathology concentration is full-time and intensive, taking two academic years to complete. Students must complete a minimum of 45 academic credits and 19 clinical practicum credits, in addition to either a thesis or a written comprehensive examination. 

The M.A. in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences has a clinical focus and may be used to satisfy preparation for the following credentials: the Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA); the Speech-Language Pathology Credential from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing; and licensure from the State of California. 

This concentration is designed to provide students with the opportunity to complete coursework in all of the following areas: articulation, fluency, voice and resonance, receptive and expressive language, hearing, swallowing, cognitive and social aspects of communication, and augmentative and alternative communication modalities. The curriculum includes courses like Research Methods in Communication Sciences and Disorders, Voice, Resonance, and Fluency Disorders, Diagnostic Methods in Speech-Language Pathology, Pediatric Speech-Language Pathology, and Clinical Practice in Public Schools. 

This program also offers the option to specialize in bilingualism for students able to pass a language proficiency test in a language other than English. Students accepted to this specialization are eligible for the Certificate in Bilingual Speech-Language Pathology, designed for graduates planning to work with bilingual Spanish-English speakers.

San Diego State University was founded in 1897 as a training school for elementary school teachers. It expanded through the 1900s and was integrated into the California State University system in 1960. The school’s main campus is located within 15 minutes of downtown San Diego, California. 

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