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Are you looking for best sorcerer books for your favorite game – Dungeon and Dragons? If so you are at right place. Below is list of top best Sorcerer books in 2016 that you can buy right now! This blog post would show you our library of books about magic and fantasy. They include;

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Most Read Best Sorcerer Books

I’m very picky about fantasy novels. All of my favorites have some unusual hook or quality that make them stand out from the rest. I knew as soon as I started THE GHOST BRIDE that it was going to be one of these stories. Set in late 19th century Malaysia, it is the story of a seventeen-year-old girl named Li Lian, who lives with her opium-addled father and her caring nurse. She’s about the age to be married, but the man she should marry is now bound to someone else, and the rich Lim family wants to secure her as a “ghost bride” for their departed son.

The outline of the story is sort of like THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO (a book I loved): Girl grows up isolated in her family’s mansion; Girl gets sold off to creepy but powerful family; Girl sets out to solve the mystery of the dead man; Girl battles her new family. But THE GHOST BRIDE takes a lot of unexpected detours along the way, all of them compelling. When Li Lian arrives at Lim House, she meets a whole clan filled with wickedness and secrets, and it’s anyone’s guess as to which actions are made out of malice and which are insane.

What’s a ghost bride? It’s an old Chinese tradition where families of the deceased marry off one of their living female relatives to the dead boy to appease the ancestors and keep them appeased. This way, she can take care of him in the afterlife and there is peace between the worlds of the dead and the living. Basically it’s a kickass-scary concept for a story, but also filled with moving moments and characters I really loved.

She has many obstacles in her way-foreign traditions that do not allow her to move freely in society, the Lim family, the dead son’s living wife. She is aided by an unexpected ally, but her biggest obstacle is her own stubborn pride and refusal to give up what she believes is right. The ghosts are interesting characters-spirits who haven’t moved on because they haven’t made peace with death.

As a fan of fantasy literature with a taste for the old, I’ve collected a lot of my favorite books about magic and sorcery. So, I decided to make a list of my favorite acclaimed, classic Sorcerer Books. After all, what’s better than reading a fictional story about magic? These books have been hugely influential on the creators of several blockbuster series, ranking as some of the most recommended titles in Wizard School 101. Are they good Sorcerer Books to start with?

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