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Last Updated on May 31, 2022

For animal lovers or those who enjoy being out in nature, zoology is an exciting career option. Zoologists and wildlife biologists often work in the field all over the world in forests, mountains, or even oceans. They study animals and how they interact with their ecosystem through well-designed experiments.

These scientists perform a variety of research on specific types of animals or populations to increase understanding of different species. Outside of research, zoologists work with public officials to develop conservation plans for endangered animals and protect our natural resources.

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Best colleges for zoology

University of Cambridge

21,732 GBP21%83%

The University of Cambridge is a public research university in Cambridge, United Kingdom that was founded in 1209. The school has a total enrollment of 21,656 students.

UC has six academic Faculties including the Arts and Humanities, Biological Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Humanities and Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Technology 

The Zoology discipline is offered under the Biological Sciences Faculty at the University and is widely known for its world-class facilities including a well-equipped library and excellent computing facilities.

Also, the UC Museum of Zoology is one of the prominent university museums of the world and that makes the school one of the best colleges in zoology and wildlife biology.

Additionally, the school ranks the 7th position in World University according to the Qs Global world Ranking.

University of Oxford

9,250 GBP17.5%75.0%.

The University of Oxford is a research institution located in Oxford, England. The school was established in  1096 and has an enrollment of 23,975 students and
1,791 staffs.

Basically, the school offers zoology as a course in the biological sciences discipline at the undergraduate level also, the graduate program is offered by the Department of Zoology.

In addition, UO has a Global score of 87.2, first position in Books and also the 6th in Global research reputation according to 2021 Indicator Rankings.

Harvard University


Harvard University is a private research institution located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. the school was founded in 1636 and has the total enrollment of 6,800 undergraduate students and about 14,000 postgraduate students.

The school is known for its widely known for its excellence in teaching and research and undergraduate programs are offered in various disciplines of Zoology.

Harvard University is ranked 34th in best undergraduate teachings, 2nd position in the National Universities ranking and Best value schools.

University of Melbourne

39,168 AUD 15%85%

The University of Melbourne is a public research institution located in Parkville, Melbourne, Australia. The school was founded in 1853 and has a total enrollment of 48,088 students.

The 2021 Indicator Rankings shows that the school has 78.8 Global scores and is 1st position in Regional research reputation

UM is widely known as one of the best colleges for zoology and also offers other degree options including agriculture, arts, biomedicine, commerce, design, environments, and science.

Additionally, the school ranks the 38th position in world university ranking according to the QS Global World Ranking.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a private research school located in Cambridge. The institution was founded in 1861 and has a total enrollment of 11,574 students.

Basically, MIT focuses on scientific and technological research and has five sub-divisions. Zoology degree is offered under Biological science discipline.

In addition, the university ranks the 3rd position in the 2021 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities and 4th position in best value schools.

University College London

17,710 GBP13.5%94.8%

University College London is a public research school located in London, United Kingdom. The school was established in 1826 and has a total of 41,539 students and ‎7,070 academic staff.

Basically, UCL has 11 academic Faculty including arts and humanities, brain sciences, engineering, education, laws, life sciences, mathematical and physical sciences, medical sciences among others. The school also offers a wide range of research in zoology and other disciplines.

Data from that USnews ranking shows that UCL has a global score of 82.4, ranks 3rd position in Publications, 4th position in Books and 5th position in Total citations.

Stanford University


Stanford University is a private research college located in Stanford, California. The school was established in 1885 and currently has a total enrollment of 7,087 students. SU is ranked the 6th position in National Universities and 14th position in the best undergraduate teachings.

The school student-faculty ratio is 5:1, and 68.8 percent of its classes with less than 20 students. Stanford University is well known for research and that makes the school one of the best colleges for zoology. Apart from Zoology degree, SU also offers other varies of disciplines including Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services, Social Sciences, and Physical Sciences.

Yale University


Yale University is a private research college located in New Haven, Connecticut. The school was founded in 1701 and has a total enrollment of 5,964 students with a student-faculty ratio of 6:1.

Basically, the school has 12 professional schools and widely known as one of the best colleges for zoology and is offered under the Biological science major. Also, the other major courses include Social Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, History, Mathematics, and Statistics. 

In addition, Yale ranks the 3rd position in National universities and the 14th position in the best undergraduate teaching.

Cornell University


Cornell University is a private research university in Ithaca, New York. The school was established in the year 1865 and has a total enrollment of 15,182 undergraduates.

At CU, the zoology degree is offered under the Biological and Biomedical Science Graduate-program in the faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

The school ranks 17th position in the 2021 edition of Best Colleges and National Universities and also 61th position in the Best Undergraduate teachings.

University of California, Los Angeles

39,602 USD18%91%

The University of California is a public research university located in Los Angeles and was founded in 1919. The school has a total enrollment of 45,930 students.

UCLA comprises the College of Sciences and a number of graduate schools and programs. The Zoology discipline is offered under the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

Data from the USnews rankings shows that the school ranks the 20th position in the 2021 edition of Best Colleges and National Universities, 4th position in the Best college of veterans and also 76th position in the Best undergraduate teachings.

University of Wisconsin


The University of Wisconsin is located in Madison and is a public research university that was founded in 1848. The school is one of the largest systems of public higher education in the country with a collection of 26 campuses and has a total enrollment of ‎44,413 students. UW ranks 46th position in the 2021 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities.

The college offers many varieties of degree programs but widely recognized as one of the best schools for zoology. The graduates of zoology boost of around 23.3% earnings above the typical income of zoology graduates. 

Miami University

32,555 USD65%79%

If you want to take up a degree in Zoology has to take a look at Miami University- Oxford. The school was established in 1809 and it is a world-class public research institution with a total undergraduate enrollment of 17,326.

MU—Oxford ranks 91st position in the 2021 edition of Best Colleges and National Universities. The unique thing about taking up a zoology degree in this college is that Students get 15.4% more than the standard college graduate with the same degree.

Additionally, the schools conduct a thorough assessment that sets you up for success by pairing you with various disciplines and careers that suits your personality.

Texas A&M University


Texas A&M University is one of the best colleges for a zoology degree. It is a public research institution that was founded in 1876 and located in College Station of Texas. A&M-College Station is ranked 70th position in the 2021 edition of Best Colleges and National Universities.

A&M is one of the oldest higher institutions in Texas and has a total undergraduate enrollment of 53,743. The school offers various programs but it is widely known as an Agricultural and Mechanical College. In addition, they also offer a degree in Zoology at both the bachelor and graduate level.

Colorado State University 


If you wish to study Zoology, Colorado State University is a good option. CSU is a public research college located in Fort Collins, Colorado. The school was founded in 1870 and has an enrollment of approximately 33,877 undergraduate students.

The school offers a variety of degree programs including bachelors and graduate degrees in zoology. In the 2021 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, the college ranked 166th position and 56 positions in Best undergraduate teachings.

North Carolina State University 


North Carolina State University is a public research school located in Raleigh. The school was established in 1887 and has a total undergraduate enrollment of 22,390.

NC State has a variety of academic Faculties and sub-departments that serve both bachelor and graduate students including a highly ranked Biological science program.

The University ranks 84th position in the 2021 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, 52nd in best college for veterans and 61st in best undergraduate teachings.

Best small colleges for zoology

10. Stetson University

DeLand, FL

Points Awarded: 6
Student Population: 4,044
Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 13 to 1

25 Great Small Colleges for Animal Lovers

Stetson University includes fish, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, guinea pigs, rats, mice, cats and certain dog breeds and sizes within their definition of “acceptable campus pets,” which are allowed to live with students in designated animal-friendly housing options. In addition to animal-friendly housing, the campus provides students with enclosed dark park areas where the animals are allowed to be unleashed and socialized.

In addition to the traditional biology degree program offered by most of the schools on this list, marine animal-loving students have the option to major in marine biology as well. For those students looking for animal-related extracurricular activities, the Providing Animals With Service (PAWS) student organization offers a social service that is dedicated to helping animals.

9. SUNY College of Technology at Canton

Canton, NY

Points Awarded: 7
Student Population: 3,512
Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 19 to 1

25 Great Small Colleges for Animal Lovers

Since 1997, SUNY Canton has provided students with its well-known Pet Wing housing option, which permits students to live with small, caged pets from home that are approved by the residence hall director. The only animals not permitted in this living environment include dogs, birds and snakes.

Academically, this school offers three majors to those interested in animals, including a BBA in veterinary service administration, a AAS in veterinary science technology and a BS in veterinary technology.

8. Alfred University

Alfred, NY

Points Awarded: 7
Student Population: 2,431
Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 12 to 1

25 Great Small Colleges for Animal Lovers

Although students are not permitted to have pets, Alfred University has its own Daggett Equestrian Center just a few minutes from campus. Through this center and the equestrian studies program, professors teach equine theory classes in subjects like equine science and course design, as well as English and Western riding and draft horse driving.

Alfred also offers students a great pre-veterinary program with an accompanying pre-vet student organization. Just last year, a handful of Alfred University students were featured in the news for volunteering to help raise and train guide dogs for the blind.

7. Stephens College

Columbia, MO

Points Awarded: 8
Student Population: 854
Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 10 to 1

25 Great Small Colleges for Animal Lovers

Stephens College, considered one of the most pet-friendly campuses in the country, has been allowing cats, dogs, birds and a wide variety of other animals live on campus and in their pet-centered dorm, which is fully-equipped with a doggy daycare. According to the college’s website, they “treat pets like royalty.”

The college also teams up with a no-kill dog and cat shelter so that students can join the pet program and become foster parents of these adoptable furry friends to prepare them for their “forever home.” This program even comes with some great scholarship opportunities! Academically, students have the choice among three different degree programs within equestrian studies at the school’s Equestrian Center.

6. Centenary University

Hackettstown, NJ

Points Awarded: 8
Student Population: 2,400
Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 17 to 1

25 Great Small Colleges for Animal Lovers

As a way to help students relax and feel more comfortable on campus, Centenary University partners with Seeing Eye, Inc.’s Morris County 4-H Puppy Tails Club to bring six puppies on campus to greet students as they enter the dining hall every Tuesday toward the end of the academic year.

Centenary is also possibly one of the most well-known equestrian colleges in the country, offering a BS in equine studies and concentrations in riding instruction and training, equine business management, communication for the equine industry and equine science. The school’s Equestrian Center features three barns, three riding arenas and a hunt field.

5. Eckerd College

Saint Petersburg, FL

Points Awarded: 10
Student Population: 2,173
Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 12 to 1

25 Great Small Colleges for Animal Lovers

Eckerd College was the first college in the country to allow pets in the dorms, and not just fish. From the start, they’ve allowed cats, dogs under 40 pounds, rabbits, ducks, large birds, ferrets and more, as long as the pets are registered with the school. Today, the school offers students eight different housing options that will allow them to live with their pets. This college also offers a pre-veterinary medicine degree program and an equestrian club.

Annually, Eckerd celebrates a pet commencement ceremony for their senior students who have pets with them on campus. This college campus is also host to a brand new dog park, as well as a student-run Pet Council, which oversees all of the school’s pet-related activities.

Editor’s Note: Eckerd’s standing on this list was moved higher after new information was brought to our attention. Because of the list being published prior to these additions, both Eckerd and Abilene Christian University share the No. 5 spot.

5. Abilene Christian University

Abilene, TX

Points Awarded: 9
Student Population: 4,461
Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 14 to 1

25 Great Small Colleges for Animal Lovers

At Abilene Christian University undergraduate animal lovers have the options to major in animal health professions, wildlife and natural resource management, animal industry and business, biotechnology and research, livestock management and animal science: pre-vet/health. Students have the opportunity to gain hands-on learning experiences through the ACU Rhoden Farm on campus.

4. Lake Erie College

Painesville, OH

Points Awarded: 10
Student Population: 1,086
Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 14 to 1

25 Great Small Colleges for Animal Lovers

Although Lake Erie College’s pet policy is strict and only allows service animals within residential housing, the school is especially fond of horses. Academically, LEC has an entire school dedicated to equine studies, as well as a few different biology options. In fact, this college loves horses so much that eight out of the 10 points awarded are equine-related. They even have an Equine Pilates student organization!

Other great student organizations for animal lovers at LEC include the Pre-Vet Club, the Equine Leadership Council and the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA).

3. Ohio Wesleyan University

Delaware, OH

Points Awarded: 11
Student Population: 1,830
Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 11 to 1

25 Great Small Colleges for Animal Lovers

At Ohio Wesleyan University students are permitted to own fish or one small pet, such as a gerbil, hamster, guinea pig, mice or rat as long as they register said pet and follow the school’s guidelines. In the Small Living Units (SLU) on campus, students are allowed a total of two cats or dogs.

Starting in March 2014, OWU’s Phi Kappa Psi fraternity began an annual “Dog Days” philanthropy event, which brought two no-kill animal shelters to campus with their adoptable pets. All event attendees were asked to donate $2 toward the shelters, and animal adoption applications were available to any attendee who was interested.

2. Becker College

Worcester and Leicester, MA

Points Awarded: 15
Student Population: 1,902
Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 17 to 1

25 Great Small Colleges for Animal Lovers

At Becker College, animal-loving students have the chance to focus their future career on animal care, biology, equine management, equine studies, laboratory animal management, pre-veterinary, veterinary science/clinical medicine and laboratory animal management, or veterinary technology. According to the School of Animal Studies’ website, “Becker College is #1 in New England and #15 nationally and is among the top-15 producers nationally among four-year private institutions in awarding undergraduate animal studies degrees in 2011-2012.”

Recently, Becker College partnered with Pet Rock to host the 17th annual Pet Rock Festival on the Leicester campus. The event is meant to put the spotlight on the animal welfare organizations of New England that work hard to promote kindness to animals. This event is only one of many examples of other animal-loving events and organizations hosted by this college.

1. Delaware Valley University

Doylestown, PA

Points Awarded: 24
Student Population: 2,023
Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 13 to 1

25 Great Small Colleges for Animal Lovers

During the 2014-2015 academic year, Delaware Valley University launched a pilot pet-friendly policy, which allows students to have small pets on one of the floors within the campus’ Samuel Hall. Through this program, the school hopes to properly research and create a new pet-friendly policy for the school, and the policy is currently being reviewed to possibly expand the list of approved pets and eligible housing units.

Academically, students can get a BS in animal science, biology, conservation and wildlife management, equine management, equine science, small animal science or zoo science. As one may be able to tell from this school’s extremely high score, DelVal also offers a whopping 15 clubs that are perfect for animal lovers.

Zoologist Salary and Career Outlook

Data from the US Bureau of Labour Statistics show that the median annual wage for typical entry-level zoologists and wildlife biologists was $63,420 per year and $30.49 per hour in 2018.

However, the zoologists employed in research and development earn about $59,670, while those in the local government receive a payment of $57,110.

Additionally, the BLS also projects that the career opportunity of zoologists will grow 5% as fast as average. Also, the employment opportunities for animal science graduates is projected to also increase by the same rate due to the high demand for pets and animal businesses. These professionals may get employment in local governments, colleges, and they can be experts consulting to governments or NGOs.

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