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Are you a prospective international student looking for information on the best scope after BSc zoology? Don’t stress, we have everything you need to know regarding the best scope after BSc zoology right here. All you have to do is continue reading this article for all the information you required concerning the topic under discussion and more.

Best Scope After BSc Zoology

It’s time to learn about the best scope after your BSc Zoology! Before you start your thesis and dissertation, you need to make sure that your topics are relevant, current, and in-demand. You don’t want to spend months off reading things that don’t apply to the real world. I’ve taken all of the pressure off of your shoulders with this blog post.

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MSc Zoology

MSc Zoology offers endless career opportunities, and that’s why it is one of the most popular courses after graduation in Zoology. This is two years long academic program that offers good paying and reputed jobs in private as well as government sectors. As an MSc pass-out student, you can look for employment in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

If nature fascinates you, go for MSc (Hons.) Zoology. There are a plethora of job options plus you feel responsible my pursuing a job in this field. The zoology Hons aspirants work on the management and preservation of animals species. If you love to spend time with wildlife and forests, MSc zoology can give a smooth turn to your career. When it’s all about interest in forestry, and you want a job too, a master’s degree is what you can do to boost your career.

MSc (Hons.) Botany

If you have done a degree in the medical line, you must be well know about what botany means. This branch of medical science deals with the life of plants, the biology of fossils, and their connection with the environment. There are many fired in which you can do specifications such as physiology, taxonomy, anatomy of plants, and the processes of plants. The course is a two years long academic degree. You can do MSc Hons botany in any of the fields that seem interesting to you. Career security in this field is not a thing to worry about because career scope is vast in this field.

Asian Journal of Research in Botany

MSc (Hons.) Microbiology

Msc in microbiology is also a two years long academic program designed to help you get extreme knowledge of your field. Microbiology has been involved in so many numbers of areas that there is no short of career options. Some of the tracks where you can go after completing your master’s degree in microbiology include medicine, dairy industry, pharmacy, clinical research, agriculture, water industry, nanotechnology, and chemical technology.

If you want to go for a doctorate, the doors are open. You can do specifications in any one field and go for your Ph.D. degree after the competition for a master’s degree. You can also opt for research work if you want to gain more knowledge and expand your brain bank more. If you have the skills, you can join ISRO, DRDO, and BARC for the research work.


MSc Biotechnology

If you have not scored well in your BSc degree but still want to go for further studies, this course is for you. As with other MSc courses, this one is also two years long and wants you to have scored at least 55% marks in graduation to pursue the degree. However, every university sets its own criteria for admission, you will get a good college if you have scored at least 55% percent in your graduation.

The best thing is you can even go for Ph.D. after this degree if you do well in your master’s degree. You have two choices, either you can take a specialization in master’s degree itself, or choose it on Ph.D. level later. The areas of specialization include tissue culture, plant science, and animal biotechnology. You can also go for M.Tech. In biotechnology after completing the MSc course. To get admission to an M.Tech biotechnology college, you need to give the combined exam conducted to select students for colleges.

A bachelor’s degree is considered one of the essential things in the life of every student. It raises the students from the school level education and introduces them to the competitive world. Bachelor’s degree performs a significant role in deciding the career scope of a student. Still, it is never considered the last degree you should do. Though there are many good jobs available after BSc Zoology, going for master’s is always a good choice if you have enough time.

There are many small-time courses to perform and apply for jobs after BSc Zoology plus the career scope is vast. Master in the field helps you gain more knowledge which means you will perform better in the workplace. Masters’s degree makes you perfect in one subject plus you will learn better practical experience. The students who go for jobs after their masters are paid better because they work better. Zoology is a wide area and has many sub-branches. If you want to go for master’s, choose a suitable branch according to your interest. Here are the top 5 medical courses that you can do after your BSc Zoology to get specifications in one field.

What is Agriculture Biotechnology? - AFN

M.Sc. Bioinformatics

The course is an integration of courses Statistics, Information Technology, and Molecular biology. It is concerned with the management of databases of biological data and their interpretation at a molecular level.  The different subjects taught include Applied Biostatistics, Bio-molecular Modelling, Computer-Aided Drug Designing, etc. The students go on to become a Researcher Associate in this field, Assistant Professor, Bioinformatics ‘C’ Programmer, etc. The other areas where they are employed include pharmaceuticals, vaccine industries, etc.

M.Sc Medical Imaging Technology

Medical Imaging Technology is a rapidly developing field that talks about the use of advanced medical and biotechnology systems and how they are used in viewing and analyzing a human body. The students learn about radiographic techniques like MRI, X-Ray, and the course curriculum includes various subjects like Physiology,  Radiation Physics, Imaging Physics, and special radiographic procedures. The jobs for the graduates of this course include Consultant Medical Research Specialist, X-ray Technician, Radiographer, etc.

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M.Sc Medical Lab Technology

The course concerns itself with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of the disease. The procedures in the diagnosis of diseases and the identification of harmful substances using laboratory instruments are taught in the syllabus. The course takes two years to complete, and the graduates can work in clinics, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, public health facilities etc. The positions offered include Drug Safety Associate, Health care administrator, Hospital coordinator etc. 

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