Best Pre Law Schools In Virginia

Last Updated on May 25, 2022

Law is a system of rules created and enforced through social or governmental institutions to regulate behavior, with its precise definition a matter of longstanding debate. It has been variously described as a science and the art of justice. State-enforced laws can be made by a group legislature or by a single legislator, resulting in statutes; by the executive through decrees and regulations; or established by judges through precedent, usually in common law jurisdictions.

Law – or legal studies – refers to the ‘art of justice.’ It has been practiced since 3000 BC by the Ancient Egyptians. While the study has changed through time, one thing is for sure: you need to get a law degree to practice legally. In the following sections, we will list the best pre law schools in virginia.

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Best law schools in virginia

1) University of Virginia

National Ranking1: 8
Bar Passage Rate: 99 percent
Cost of Tuition: $60,700 in-state, $63,700 out-of-state
Acceptance Rate: 15.3 percent
LSAT2: 163 – 171
GPA: 3.59 – 3.97

The School of Law at the University of Virginia is one of the most prestigious programs in the country. It produced U.S. Supreme Court Justices Stanley Forman Reed and James Clark McReynolds. It also ranks in the top ten nationally in employment outcomes and number of partners.

Students in the 923-person enrollment can tailor their education based on specializations. The university offers eighteen clinics, eight international exchange programs, and seven internationally lauded special programs.

It also hosts ten academic journals, including the Virginia Law Review, one of the most cited law journals in the country.

2) Washington and Lee University

National Ranking: 49
Bar Passage Rate: 86.7 percent
Cost of Tuition: $49,355 full-time
Acceptance Rate: 28.7 percent
LSAT: 158 – 164
GPA: 3.21 – 3.68

Washington and Lee University School of Law is a small private school in Lexington. The program stipulates that first-year students take foundational courses before moving on to advanced coursework. During the third year, the school replaces electives with hands-on client experience.

WLU School of Law ranks highly on several metrics, including cost-of-living, alumni satisfaction, value, influence in legal education, and practical training. The school is the 16th oldest in the country and the third oldest in Virginia.

School of Law | Regent University

3) William & Mary Law School

National Ranking: 39
Bar Passage Rate: 84.8 percent
Cost of Tuition: $34,00 in-state, $43,000 out-of-state
Acceptance Rate: 36.1 percent
LSAT: 156 – 164
GPA: 3.4 – 3.9

The Marshall-Wythe School of Law at the College of William & Mary is the oldest law school in the country. Founded in 1779, the school is the brainchild of then-governor Thomas Jefferson. It offers programs such as family, tax, and immigration law, as well as eight clinics.

The university also offers forty student organizations, including the National Trial Team and Military Law Society. It has a student-run newspaper, the Marshall-Wythe Press, and several legal journals. Students at William & Mary clinics also donate 14,000 hours of service annually to underserved clients.

4) George Mason

National Ranking: 45
Bar Passage Rate: 81.5 percent
Cost of Tuition: $25,354 in-state, $40,740 out-of-state
Acceptance Rate: 25.9 percent
LSAT: 157 – 164
GPA: 3.45 – 3.88

The George Mason University School of Law became the Antonin Scalia Law School in May 2016. It ranks only behind Georgetown and George Washington University in D.C. ASLS also has the fifth-highest bar passage rate in Virginia.

ASLS thrives in numerous fields, including antitrust, communications, immigration, intellectual property, personal, and tax law. It is well-known for its scholarly impact, ranked 21st based on per capita citations. U.S News and World Report also ranked it as the fourth-best part-time law program in the country.

25 Best Value Schools for Pre-Law 2021 | Best Value Schools

5) University of Richmond

National Ranking: 52
Bar Passage Rate: 73.1 percent
Cost of Tuition: $44,700 full-time
Acceptance Rate: 31.9 percent
LSAT: 156 – 162
GPA: 3.24 – 3.69

Richmond Law is known as a top-tier selective program. Only 31.9 percent of applicants make enrollment.

The selectivity is merited. U.S. News and World Report, the National Jurist, and Princeton Review all rank it as one of the best in the country.

Richmond Law offers several initiatives, including intellectual property and family law. Students can also choose joint degrees, such as the J.D./Bachelor of Science program.

The school is home to the Institute for Actual Innocence, which seeks to exonerate wrongful convictions.

6) Appalachian School of Law

National Ranking: 146-192
Bar Passage Rate: N/A
Cost of Tuition: $35,500
Acceptance Rate: 62.6 percent
LSAT: 143 – 147
GPA: 2.64 – 3.32

Appalachian School of Law is a private law school located in Grundy. It offers three-year Juris Doctor degrees with an enrollment of 128 students. The Appalachian School of Law is best known for an emphasis on community service, leadership, professional responsibility, and alternative dispute resolution.

The ABA-approved program opened in 1994 and welcomed its first class in 1997. One unique feature is that it requires students to spend 25 hours each semester on community service. Only 11 other schools have similar requirements.

7) Liberty University

National Ranking: 146-192
Bar Passage Rate: 84.2 percent
Cost of Tuition: $36,862
Acceptance Rate: 58.8 percent
LSAT: 149 – 156
GPA: 3.08 – 3.68

Liberty University School of Law is a private, Evangelical Christian program in Lynchburg. The accredited program offers degrees for Juris Doctor, Master of Laws, and Master of Studies in Laws.

The school has an exceptional bar passage rate, hitting 95.65 percent in July 2018. The rate tied with the University of Virginia for the highest mark in the state.

The national ranking of Liberty University School of Law is meant to provide a range. U.S. News and World Report do not offer specific ranks for universities toward the bottom of its list. Instead, 146 – 192 suggests that the schools are in the bottom 25 percentile.

8) Regent University

National Ranking: 146 – 192
Bar Passage Rate: 94.1 percent
Cost of Tuition: $36,620 full-time, $28,640 part-time
Acceptance Rate: 43.3 percent
LSAT: 150 – 158
GPA: 3.27 – 3.73

Regent University Law School is a small, private Christian program in Virginia Beach. The school opened in 1977 under the guidance of Dean Herb Titus. It has garnered national attention for excellence in moot court competitions, ranking sixth in the country in 2015.

Students at Regent University can pursue Juris Doctor, Masters of Law, or Masters of Arts in Law degrees. It had the highest overall bar passage rate in Virginia in July 2017 and February 2018, at 94.59 and 81.82 percent, respectively. Ninety-two percent of graduates are employed within ten months.

Best Pre Law Schools In Virginia

Top Law Schools in Virginia

Liberty University

4 Year  •  Lynchburg, VA  •  

Liberty University is a private not-for-profit university based in Lynchburg, Virginia. It is an institution with an enrollment of over 4,355 bachelor’s degree candidates. The admission criteria is somewhat competitive with the acceptance rate of 29%.

#1 in Best Pre Law Studies Colleges & Universities in Virginia

Best pre law schools in the world

#1: Harvard College

A traditional feeder school, a Harvard education will undoubtedly give you an advantage in your law school applications, especially with the right grades and LSAT scores. Harvard also has several organizations for pre-law students, including the Harvard Law Society and the Harvard College Black Pre-Law Association. You’ll also be able to take advantage of Harvard’s alumni network at top schools and law firms.

#2: Yale University

Yale is considered the top law school in the country, and is the 4th best university overall according to US News and World Report. Though Yale does not have a pre-law major, the school does offer an interdisciplinary track that allows students to create their own major that can give them the skills that law schools seek. The Yale Law School Admission Council also provides undergraduates with pre-law counseling and events throughout the year.

#3: Northwestern University

Northwestern is known for academic rigor, and a big school means lots of resources, including their own law school. Northwestern’s Legal Studies track can be completed as a major or a minor, and differs from pre-law programs in that it has an interdisciplinary focus and aims to teach students to think critically about the relationship between law and society, and includes everything from psychology to literature to religious studies. It’s a well-rounded degree, and the added advantage of being in Chicago means more opportunities for internships.

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#4: University of Maryland

The University of Maryland has a department dedicated to advising pre-law students, which also connects students with resources and mentors, and works closely with the university’s law school. Maryland also has a three year arts/law degree program, in which a student can apply to law school in their third year of undergrad, and be awarded their baccalaureate degree in their first year of law school. College Park is also close to Washington D.C., which can help you with landing an internship.

#5: Georgetown University

Georgetown’s pre-law advising center offers resources on all things law school, including one-on-one advising, help with applications, and workshops. Additionally, Georgetown’s record of academics in the humanities make it a great place to learn the skills necessary to excel in law school, and its Washington D.C. location means opportunities to have internships and make connections with those working in the legal field or in politics.


#6: New York University

NYU is in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the world, and certainly offers a ton of opportunities for internships both in the legal industry and beyond. NYU also offers the Lawyer Alumni Mentoring Program, or LAMP, for pre-law students. The school’s academics are rigorous overall, and has a strong record in the humanities, particularly English.

#7: Michigan State University

Michigan State offers a pre-law major that is also considered a liberal arts degree. The pre-law major aims to introduce students to legal studies while also teaching critical thinking and analytical skills so that pre-law majors are prepared to work in law enforcement, become paralegals, or go into a career in government.

#8: University of Texas at Austin

UT Austin’s career center hosts one of the largest Law Fairs in the country every year, which allows students to interact with over 100 law school admissions professionals. The career center also hosts panels and workshops, law school application coaching, and more. If you’re stuck between majors, these resources can help you decide what is best for you, and what will help you stand out on an application. UT Austin offers many majors in both sciences and humanities, and UT students go onto to law school with degrees in numerous fields.

#9: Florida State University

In addition to one of the country’s top Criminal Justice programs, FSU has a pre-law advising center that helps students magnify their achievements within their majors, and works closely with the law school. FSU hosts the Donald J. Weidner Summer Program for Legal Studies, a four-week program taught by law professors. Even better: 70% of program attendees have gone on to law school. The program is open to undergraduates from all schools and is competitive.

#10: George Washington University

George Washington University encourages pre-law students to establish themselves as pre-law early on, and take advantage of the many groups, societies, and panels dedicated to that goal. Advisers at GW help you find the law schools that are the best fit for your background and goals, and they tailor your undergrad education to those schools. Additionally, the Washington D.C. location makes for a great spot to score internships.

#11: Nova Southeastern University

Nova Southeastern is a little different than the other schools on this list because of its thorough pre-law (legal studies) major that offers an undergraduate law degree. Nova Southeastern is dedicated to helping students prepare for law school by offering a challenging program and a dedicated interest in the humanities. The school’s B.S. in Legal Studies major also allows students to take classes in philosophy, history, and more as they work toward their degree.

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