Best Performing Arts Colleges In Florida

Last Updated on January 17, 2023

Each of these performing arts schools outlined in the following list is among the best of the best in education. Performing Arts is not only a subject that engages students and faculty but the nation and the world. They enrich the environment we live in by displaying thought-provoking and mesmerizing visuals that anyone can appreciate.

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Do you want to find out about best performing arts colleges in the world? This post shares information on best colleges for acting, best acting school in florida, and film acting colleges in  florida. In order to determine our ranking of the top 20  performing arts  colleges, we used the most recent data from College Factual  and combined it with our index score that is based  on a dozen factors related to  a college’s quality including academics, cost, and  reputation. Our list of best performing arts colleges covers over 200 schools.

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Best Performing Arts Colleges In Florida

It’s a great time to get into Performing Arts and find the best school for your undergraduate Performing Arts degree on our list of the Best Performing Arts Colleges and Universities in Florida.

University of Miami

University of Miami is a private not-for-profit university based in Coral Gables, Florida. It is an institution with an enrollment of over 2,212 bachelor’s degree candidates. The admission criteria is somewhat competitive with the acceptance rate of 35%.

Florida State University

Florida State University is a public university based in Tallahassee, Florida. It is an institution with an enrollment of over 6,523 bachelor’s degree candidates. The admission criteria is somewhat competitive with the acceptance rate of 49%.

University of Florida

University of Florida is a public university based in Gainesville, Florida. It is an institution with an enrollment of over 6,428 bachelor’s degree candidates. The admission criteria is somewhat competitive with the acceptance rate of 42%.

The University of Tampa

The University of Tampa is a private not-for-profit university based in Tampa, Florida. It is an institution with an enrollment of over 2,141 bachelor’s degree candidates. The admission criteria is somewhat competitive with the acceptance rate of 53%.

University of South Florida-Main Campus

University of South Florida-Main Campus is a public university based in Tampa, Florida. It is an institution with an enrollment of over 4,165 bachelor’s degree candidates. The admission criteria is somewhat competitive with the acceptance rate of 45%.

Florida International University

Florida International University is a public university based in Miami, Florida. It is an institution with an enrollment of over 4,335 bachelor’s degree candidates. The admission criteria is somewhat competitive with the acceptance rate of 54%.

best performing arts colleges in the world

From New York to Philadelphia (not to mention Vienna and London),  performing arts is an area that is left untouched by traditional pundits of education. It lies beyond the realms of the material and transcends into something spiritual. Students all over the world travel to seek the perfect shrine to polish their knowledge and learn performing arts.

Juilliard School, New York, United States.

This school was established way back in 1905 and has been one of the most premier institutes for performing arts. It has been at the pinnacle for a number of years, and the students who go to this school are taught by some of the most respected artists in the world. Juilliard School also ranked number 1 on the list of the best music schools in the world for 2019 by the CEOWORLD magazine. You can expect to find prodigies in its chambers. It attracts pupils from far and wide and has never been short on the number of applications received per year. Apart from everything, to get in, you have to give a performance of your talent and you are judged on strict parameters.

Royal College of Music, London, United Kingdom.

It was established by a royal charter back in 1882. Such is the reputation of the institute that any student who applies for admission in any of the fields of performing art in this college is automatically considered for a merit-based scholarship. Royal College of Music in London also ranked number 6 on the list of the best music schools in the world for 2019 by the CEOWORLD magazine.

But don’t let that fool you. You don’t need just talent to get in here; you need to have a well-built portfolio, and the ability to impress the interview panel. If you have managed to get past those two, then comes the showcase of your talent.

You are expected to give your best; your teachers will do the job of fine-tuning you. It has earned an almost perfect record for its academic curriculum. The world over, the reputation of Royal College is that of one of the strongest conservatories.

The University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna, Austria.

This college is in Vienna. No mention of performing arts can ever be complete without the inclusion of Austria. It is the place that gave the ‘art’ to the world—and the school is following that rich legacy. It is not just the talent found within the school, but the surroundings that it has built around itself that inspires one to engage in performing arts. And this magical effect can be observed amongst its pupils. They make a niche of their own. Presently, the college has over 3000 students enrolled from over 70 countries. Vienna-based the University of Music and Performing Arts also ranked number 5 on the list of the best music schools in the world for 2019 by the CEOWORLD magazine.

Curtis Institute of Music, Pennsylvania , United States.

This institute might be one of the most competitive ones around. It offers admission to only around 4% of the total applicants each year, and presently, the number of students in the institute is pegged at 175. But once you manage to get in, all doors are opened for you. The Curtis Institute in Philadelphia also ranked number 13 on the list of the best music schools in the world for 2019 by the CEOWORLD magazine.

The Institute has in place an adequate framework which caters to basic needs of its students. Your academic fee, tuition fee, and everything else is taken care of under the scholarship provided by the institute. So, all you are expected to do in order to get admission here is to have confidence and talent.—but remember, competition is cut-throat and you must do your best!

Royal Academy of Music, London, United Kingdom.

The Royal Academy of Music has become one of the most prestigious schools in performing arts and is presently the oldest conservatory in the UK established way back in 1822. It has gifted the world not only critically acclaimed musicians but also mainstream stars who are revered by the critics and the people. It is in the observation of such a rich legacy that the college has decided to put forth a scholarship. But unlike most other colleges, it bases its scholarship only on the merit of a financial need. London’s Royal Academy of Music also ranked number 10 on the list of the best music schools in the world for 2019 by the CEOWORLD magazine.

best colleges for acting

The top schools in drama teach everything from Shakespeare to contemporary acting. Their alumni are performing in the world’s most vaunted stages.


A seminar for on-camera acting taught by Bob Krakower (who’s coached everyone from Keanu Reeves to Scarlett Johansson), plus an audition boot camp from casting director David Caparelliotis (who casts NBC’s New Amsterdam), are two recent additions to a curriculum that has seen unprecedented success in minting working actors — Judy‘s Finn Wittrock and Russian Doll‘s Charlie Barnett among them. Tuition for the four-year BFA and MFA programs is $50,000 annually, but the final year of grad school is free.

NYU Tisch School of the Arts

Students can now immerse themselves in a seven-week training program that covers filmmaking, acting for the camera and film history. Tuition for the graduate program is a hefty $63,000 a year, but remissions of up to 68 percent are available to MFA students who demonstrate need.


The Ivy League school that trained The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel‘s Tony Shalhoub also was the incubator that developed 2019 grad Jeremy O. Harris’ award-winning Slave Play. Tuition is $33,000, but $7 million in financial aid was dispersed last year.


Sarah Frankcom joined the London Academy of Dramatic Art in November as director, coming from the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester, where she served as artistic director for five years. Tuition is $26,000 a year, but that might be worth it to train where David Oyelowo and Benedict Cumberbatch once did.

UC San Diego

Not many acting schools can boast a department chair who’s also a working TV actor — but UCSD’s Richard Robichaux now co-stars on David E. Kelley’s Big Shot for Disney+. UCSD accepts just eight students a year, but they receive free tuition and a chance to work at the La Jolla Playhouse.

best acting school in florida

The industry in Florida has changed recently. Entertainment is making more of a presence throughout the state, yet it’s not as saturated as places like New York and Los Angeles. The talent pool is smaller, making it easier to get representation and be remembered by casting directors.

Truthful Acting Studios

Actors of any experience level can build a solid foundation in the craft of acting at Truthful Acting Studios. They specialize in their Master Meisner Program, but also offer classes and workshops in film technique, commercial acting, improv, monologues and auditioning. They also have a conservatory program for those who have completed all parts of the Master Meisner Program.

The Actors Workshop of South Florida

The Actors Workshop of South Florida offers classes for everyone, from those who are just looking for a hobby to professionals. From the beginning, they teach you to work with industry tools and practically apply your skills.

Miami Acting Studio

Miami Acting Studio offers classes for both beginner and professional actors ages 18-65. After a few months, they’ll put you in touch with Miami agencies and teach you how to get auditions.

Universal Acting

Led by industry professionals, the acting courses at Universal Acting truly prepare you for a career in acting. While they do offer classes for adults, their children’s program is the most expansive around — they have classes for children as young as four.

StarCatcher Acting Studio

StarCatcher Acting Studio believes in finding your best acting through imagination, exploration, and empathy. They help actors achieve success through classes and workshops, private coaching, and audition tapings.

Performing Arts schools in Florida

Visual and Performing Arts also operates the Charles R. Dassance Fine Arts Center, a state-of-the-art performing arts facility that hosts professional touring artists and serves as a performance space and training facility for our music and theatre students. The Webber Gallery, also under the auspices of VPA, enhances our students’ experience in a way not found at many other colleges. The gallery exhibits and programs enhance CF curriculum and initiatives, as well as those which engage and inform the public.

Finally, whether you’re a performer, an artist or an avid audience member, VPA offers a variety of cultural programs for the community, Masterclasses and Lecture Series, CF Community School for the Arts, and the Visual Artists’ Society.

CF offers courses in modern dance and ballet. Advanced dance students may become part of the Patriot Dance Ensemble. Our dance studio welcomes beginning dance students and provides a venue for established dancers to continue their training while earning college credit.

Students are offered opportunities to travel to dance festivals, perform in musical theatre and theatre productions, and take masterclasses with distinguished visiting artists from both contemporary, classical and world dance traditions.

At CF, you can pursue specialized theoretical and applied musical studies. This will prepare you to transfer to a four-year institution to continue to study music education, music performance, music therapy, music engineering, arts administration, and more! CF students can also explore musical interests at a beginner’s level by taking Fundamentals of Music, Class Voice, or Class Piano. There are also many performance opportunities on campus and in the community each semester.

  • Vocal Music: The CF Vocal Music program gives students a solid foundation in various techniques including classical, Broadway, and popular styles, and prepares students for baccalaureate degree programs in vocal performance and vocal music education. Students receive private voice instruction and perform extensively in solo recitals, showcases, ensemble concerts, and musical theatre shows. The CF Patriot Singers is the college’s premier choral ensemble, and is available to all CF students. Patriot Singers perform multiple concerts on and off campus throughout the year, and tour to major cities such as New York City and Miami every other year.
  • Instrumental Music: Each year, hundreds of students participate in musical ensembles, including wind symphony, woodwind ensemble, flute choir, string ensemble, guitar ensemble and brass ensemble. The faculty and students are always exploring new repertoire and styles of music literature.  The program is focused on performance experience and is maintained by Professor Sarah Satterfield, director of Chamber Ensemble; Associate Professor John D. Ash, director of Wind Symphony; and Jazz Band director Gregory Snider, along with a staff of talented adjunct instructors.
  • Digital Music: This certificate program prepares students for employment in music production occupations and provides supplemental professional training for persons previously or currently employed in this field. Instruction prepares individuals for positions such as music production specialists, audio technicians, audio assistants, media and communication equipment workers, music editors, and archivists and related workers.

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