Best Engineering Jobs in Canada

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Canada has a growing need to replace retiring engineers, particularly for civil and mechanical roles. To fill all the current and future engineering jobs in Canada, governments and employers need to look beyond engineers trained within Canada.

To become an engineer, you will more than likely need a degree. If you do not yet have a degree or you are looking to advance with a higher degree than you currently have, use our Engineering Degree Finder to quickly get matched to a program. You can also check out the schools below listed with each career. They are some of our most requested engineering degrees that align with the mentioned career, and you can talk with them about getting started with their program. 

Engineers are responsible for much of infrastructure that our modern society is made up of. They are something like renaissance men when it comes to creating systems and structures. They conceive, design, build, supervise, operate, construct and maintain many different aspects of engineering projects. They build tunnels, dams, roads, bridges, water supply – the list is nearly endless. With so many options, its important to choose an engineering career path that makes sense to you. 

Here are the best engineering jobs in Canada:

1. Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineering is one of the most in-demand fields of engineering in Canada, with thousands of available openings. Electrical engineers design, develop, maintain, and test systems that are used in the powering and production of electricity. The ongoing trend towards sustainable development and energy efficiency means that electrical engineering will continue to be an important field, as well as a hotbed for innovation.

2. Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineers apply the principals of physics to the design, creation, and maintenance of mechanical systems. Like electrical engineers, mechanical engineer remains one of the most in-demands jobs in Canada. Mechanical engineers can work in a variety of industries, from the mining industry to the oil industry.

3. Software Engineer

Software engineering is one of the more popularengineering fields, with software engineers going on to work for big name companies like Apple and Microsoft. Because of the continual need for these workers, and because of the health of the technology industry at large, software engineers are also some of the highest paid engineers, with many making over 100k a year.

4. Biomedical Engineer

Canada has a rapidly aging population. As a result, there is a demand for professionals able to serve both an aging population and the medical community, and this includes engineers. Canada is currently in need of biomedical engineers who can work with and improve medical technologies, making this one of the top engineering fields to work in. The demand guarantees the availability of work, while also allowing engineers to work in a dynamic environment that has the potential to save lives and make a real difference in the Canadian medical landscape.

5. Civil Engineer

The demand for civil engineers has been slowly increasing over the years in order to meet the need for engineers to help plan, design, and manage new infrastructure projects, and to assist in the maintenance of ageing structures. As ageing infrastructure becomes more pronounced, and the need to perform maintenance becomes more urgent, there is expected to be an even sharper demand for civil engineers in the near future. Civil engineers are also becoming more prevalent in environmental engineering, helping design and maintain greener infrastructure projects.

6. Mining Engineer

Mining engineering is faced with an increasingly ageing population of workers, alongside an increasing demand for work. As a result, mining engineers will continue to be in high demand as baby boomers continue to retire, and younger engineers are needed to fill their positions. Mining engineers are also some of the best paid engineers on the market, with yearly salaries starting around 60k, but within a few years extending well beyond 100k a year.

7. Geotechnical Engineers

Geotechnical engineering has one of the highest predicted levels of job growth for the future, while also experiencing a current shortage of geotechnical engineers. Geotechnical engineers analyze soil and rock, and natural formations like slopes and embankments, in service of the design and construction of foundations, buildings, roadways, tunnels, and other such systems. Because of the shortage of skilled geotechnical engineers, the bar for entry is lower than in other fields. Unlike some engineering jobs, which require a master’s degree, it’s possible to get a job as a geotechnical engineer with a bachelor’s in engineering.

If you like puzzles and using data to get answers, Geotechnical Engineering is career you want. These engineers use investigative techniques and gather data to determine what’s going on in the ground below. It’s important to know what the soil and rock structures underneath a like when you dig a well, lay a foundation, examine ground water flow and other projects.
Average Salary: $56,121.60 – $92,313.60*

8. Transportation Engineers

The construction of roads, the layout of cities and the makeup of public transportation takes a lot of though and effort. Transportation Engineers are the ones who design, plan and oversee transportation. They help keep the public safe and move people and goods efficiently from city to city. Without them, our world would look much different.
Average Salary: $66,000 – $95,000*

9. Architect

If you love designing buildings inside and out, be an Architect. These highly respected engineers are charged with the task of planning, designing, and overseeing the construction of buildings. Buildings today have hundreds of requirements for safety and structural integrity. As an architect, it’s your job to make these buildings safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing.
Average Salary: $66,000 – $95,000*

10. Engineering Inspectors and Regulatory Officers

When something needs to meet certain standards, someone needs to do the inspecting. That’s where Engineering Inspectors come in. They inspect vehicles, weighing meters, industrial instruments, processes and equipment to make sure they comply with government and industry regulations.
Average Salary: $66,000 – 95,000*

No matter which career you choose, make sure it’s a career that makes you happy. You’re going to be in it for a long time, and the choices you make now will have an impact on the ‘you’ that you become in twenty years. Make the right choices for your future self and learn about our Building, Engineering and Technology programs to help you get on the path to your dream career. 

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