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Baylor University is an outstanding university with a long history. However, it was founded by the Baptist church in 1845. It is located in Waco, Texas, USA. The university has twelve colleges that offer more than 270 undergraduate and 70 graduate degree programs across academic departments ranging from humanities to professional fields such as science, technology, and health. The Mayborn School of Journalism is one of the top programs for journalism in the US. Baylor University provides undergraduate applicants with some financial aid options that include: grants, scholarships, work study opportunities and loans.

Every year, Baylor University awards millions of dollars in scholarships to highly motivated and talented students. Many of the available scholarships at Baylor University are institutional grants and scholarships that do not require repayment. These types of awards are typically based on merit and/or financial need. In addition to these academic scholarships, there are also athletic scholarships, music scholarships, endowed scholarships, women’s scholarships, and value-based scholarships.

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Baylor University Scholarships (BUS), 2018-2019

baylor scholarships 2021

Regents’ Gold Scholarship

National Merit semifinalists for the upcoming academic year are announced by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation in September of each year. Baylor offers a limited number of full-tuition scholarships to National Merit Finalists (finalist status is released in March) who are admitted to the university and select Baylor as their first choice with the National Merit Scholarship Corporation by the published deadlines.* In addition, the full-tuition award may be augmented by the recipients’ SAT or ACT scores. Students interested in being considered for one of Baylor’s limited full-tuition scholarships will also be required to attend an Invitation to Excellence event. There will then be a selection process to determine the recipients of the Regents’ Gold Scholarship.

SAT Score – critical reading + math ACT Score Amount Divided Over 8 Undergraduate Semesters Amount per Academic Year
1490-1600 34-36 $187,368 $46,842
1420-1480 32-33 $183,368 $45,842
1380-1410 31 $179,368 $44,842
Renewal is contingent upon maintaining a Baylor cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.

President’s Gold/Provost’s Gold/Deans’ Gold/Founders’ Gold Scholarships

Scholarship Amount Divided Over 8
Undergraduate Semesters
Amount per Academic Year
President’s Gold Scholarship $80,000 – $88,000 $20,000 – $22,000
Provost’s Gold Scholarship $68,000 – $76,000 $17,000 – $19,000
Deans’ Gold Scholarship $60,000 – $64,000 $15,000 – $16,000
Founders’ Gold Scholarship $32,000 – $52,000 $8,000 – $13,000

Renewal is contingent upon maintaining a Baylor cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.


Scholarship Options | Student Financial Services | Baylor University

For more information, check out Baylor University Scholarship Calculator.

*We encourage All high academic achieving students are encouraged to apply for Baylor University Invitation to Excellence event. This event honors academically talented students, whether they have taken the ACT or the SAT exam, and is designed to showcase the unique opportunities that Baylor provides as a nationally ranked, top Research institution. Students attending this event will be considered, through a holistic review, for academic scholarship funding that has been redirected from the National Merit, Regent’s Gold scholarship.

baylor university full ride scholarships

Transfer Academic Scholarships

ScholarshipAmount Per Academic Year*Cumulative Transfer GPA
Transfer Scholarship$13,0003.75-4.0
Transfer Scholarship$12,0003.50-3.749
Transfer Scholarship$10,0003.25-3.49
Transfer Scholarship$9,0003.0-3.249
Transfer Scholarship$7,0002.75-2.99
3.0 scholarships and higher – Renewal is contingent upon maintaining a Baylor cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.
2.75-2.99 scholarship – Renewal is contingent upon maintaining a Baylor cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher.

*Scholarship amounts are for the 2019-2020 academic year. New scholarship amounts are released annually in August for the following academic year.

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship

ScholarshipAmount Per Academic Year*Qualifications
Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship$1,000Member of Phi Theta Kappa in good standing; entering Baylor as a transfer student
Renewal is contingent upon maintaining a Baylor cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

*Scholarship amounts are for the 2019-2020 academic year. New scholarship amounts are released annually in August for the following academic year.

For more information and updates, please refer to the school website

Baylor University Overview

Founded in the year 1845, Baylor University is one of the oldest private universities in Texas that hosts students from over 80 countries across the globe. The University is one of the most recognized institutes in the US Education System for its excellent education and some of the unparalleled programs it offers to the students. 

Offering around 150 undergraduate and 75 graduate courses to its international aspirants with some of the best faculties who are highly qualified in their respective fields, the institute is, without doubt, a coveted choice when looking to study in the USA. The University has over 16,000 students and is one of the best places to carry out research activities.

Admissions at Baylor University are offered in the three seasonal intakes of Fall, Summer and Spring And they observe February 1 as one of the priority deadlines. The institute requires no application fee and thus ensures that all the deserving candidates get a fair chance to apply at the university. With an acceptance rate of nearly 52%, the institute falls under the category of moderately selective universities in the country.

Baylor University is a private research university in Waco, Texas. Baylor was chartered in 1845 by the last Congress of the Republic of Texas. Baylor is the oldest continuously operating university in Texas and one of the first educational institutions west of the Mississippi River in the United States. Located on the banks of the Brazos River next to I-35, between the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex and Austin, the university’s 1,000-acre (400-hectare) campus is the largest Baptist university in the world. As of fall, 2021, Baylor had a total enrollment of 20,626 (undergraduate 15,191, graduate 5,435). It is classified among “R2: Doctoral Universities — High research activity”. The university grants undergraduate and graduate degrees, including doctoral and professional degrees.

Baylor University’s athletic teams, known as the Bears, participate in 19 intercollegiate sports. The university is a member of the Big 12 Conference in the NCAA Division I. Baylor’s men’s basketball team won the 2021 NCAA men’s basketball championship.

Scholarships | Financial Aid Award Guide | Baylor University

Baylor University Rankings

  • Baylor University is no doubt one of the best private colleges in Texas.
  • It ranks 79th among the top national colleges according to the U.S. News & World Report.
  • The University also has a national rank of 61 as per the Kiplinger’s 2018 list of Best Values in Private Colleges.
  • The U.S. Army-Baylor MBA program in health management has a rank of 7 in the country as per U.S News Survey 2015.

Graduate rankings

Several Baylor graduate programs, including its law school, Hankamer School of Business and programs in the sciences and education are nationally ranked. According to the National Research Council (NRC), among those programs, Baylor’s Graduate program in English was ranked first for Student Support and Outcomes by the National Research Council, and Baylor’s Doctoral program in Sociology was ranked third nationally, based on criteria such as the percentage of students receiving full financial support, PhD completion percentage, median time to completion of degrees, and job placement rate.

Institutional organization

Pat Neff Hall houses the office of the university’s president and others

The university is divided into twelve degree-granting academic units. Three of the units are designated as colleges, while eight others are designated as schools and one is a seminary. They are:

  • College of Arts & Sciences
  • Diana R. Garland School of Social Work
  • George W. Truett Theological Seminary
  • Graduate School
  • Hankamer School of Business
  • Honors College
  • Law School
  • Louise Herrington School of Nursing
  • Robbins College of Health and Human Sciences
  • School of Education
  • School of Engineering & Computer Science
  • School of Music


University TypePrivate
Annual Endowment1.23 billion USD
Student Retention Rate89%
Work-study programYes
Mode of ProgramFull time; Part-time; online
Cost of Attendance62,527 USD
Campus Housing Capacity35%
Admission Helpdesk[email protected] | 254-710-3435

Baylor Sciences Research and endowment

Baylor Sciences Building

In 2005, the university was invited to join the Collider Detector at Fermilab (CDF) collaboration at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, Illinois. The project is one of the world’s largest experimental physics collaborations. The following year, Carnegie Foundation upgraded the university’s classification to “Research University” status with “High Research Activity”. The interior of the Baylor Sciences Building

2022 Freshman Scholarship Programs | Undergraduate Admissions | Baylor  University

In October 2009, a group of state, county and city governments and organizations and higher educational institutions in Central Texas announced the creation of the Central Texas Technology and Research Park, and the park’s first project, the Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative (BRIC) to be housed in the former General Tire facility on South Loop Drive in Waco. Funding for the effort came from the state of Texas and Baylor University. Clifton Robinson (a member of Baylor’s Board of Regents) donated the facility to the university to support the research collaborative. Burleson Quadrangle

Several former and present members of faculty at Baylor are or were prominent proponents of intelligent design, most notably philosopher William Dembski, now at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Christian philosopher Francis Beckwith and electrical engineer Robert J. Marks II.

The university’s endowment passed $1 billion in 2007 and reached $1,055,478,000 on December 31, 2007. Even with the economic crisis of 2008, Baylor spokesperson Lori Fogleman reported that Baylor’s endowment grew 5.1 percent in the fiscal year ending June 30, 2008; the National Association of College and University Business Officials estimated that during that same period, the median return for the top 25 percent of college endowments decreased by 2.2 percent. Fogleman cited the university’s long-term investments and diversified holdings as the cause of the endowment’s success. Despite a hired consulting firm’s concerns that the troubled economy and disagreements within the Baylor community could hinder continued growth, the university’s endowment exceeded $1.1 billion as of May 2013.

On March 4, 2010, “An anonymous longtime Baylor donor … set up an estate provision that will benefit the school to the tune of an estimated $200 million. The gift will bolster Baylor’s research on the issues of aging in multiple disciplines at the school.” Citing the most recent data reported by the Chronicle of Higher Education, Baylor officials say the $200 million donations is the second-largest gift to a Texas college or university and ranks among the top 20 private gifts to higher education institutions in the country.

Baylor University Programs, Campus and Accommodation


The University has a wide range of programs to offer to its international students at both undergraduate and graduate level. It has 142 baccalaureate programs in various important fields like nursing, computer science, business, music, etc.

Apart from that, there are 75 master’s programs and 42 doctoral programs. There are a number of schools and colleges which function under Baylor University and provide different courses to the students.

Some of the popular majors include Accounting, Applied Music, Geology. The U.S. Army-Baylor MBA program has acquired rank 7th in the country.

Top Programs in Baylor Universities

ProgramFees Per Annum
M.Sc Computer Science$53,550
M.Sc Electrical and Computer Engineering$53,550
M.Sc Statistical Science$53,550
Master of Public Health$53,550
Baylor University Scholarships – College Learners


  • Baylor University has an extremely vibrant campus which is considered one of the most beautiful locations in the country.
  • The campus is of 1,000 acres and is located on the banks of River Brazos.
  • There are a number of important buildings which are located within the campus. The Living-Learning Centre is one of them.
  • Alexander Hall was inaugurated in 1940. It provides housing facilities to the students of Honors Residential College.
  • There are over 330 clubs and organizations. The campus also provides excellent sports facilities.

Housing Facilities/Residence

The University provides excellent on-campus residence facilities to the students. Over 39% of the students live on-campus. There are a lot of dining halls, libraries, and classrooms that are located within the campus.

It has 12 residential halls. Some of them are Alexander Hall, Allen Hall, Collins Hall, Dawson Hall, etc. Various Upper Division communities and Living-Learning Centres are present with private/shared bedrooms, kitchens, and living areas.

Each room has a bed, chair, table, and closet. Different meal plans are available. Laundry service is also provided.

HSD Scholarship | Human Sciences and Design | Baylor University

baylor scholarship requirements

Baylor University Application Process

Application Portal: There are three ways in which the students can apply to the University.

  • Bayer Online Application (goBAYLOR)
  • Common Application
  • Apply Texas

Application Fee: No application fee is required.

Student Class Profile:

  • Class Rank: About 75% of the first-year students were toppers of their batch in high-school. 
  • Total enrollment: 18,033 Undergraduate enrollment: 14,108 Graduate enrollment: 3,925.
  • Average Class Size: 26
  • Standardized Test Scores: Median SAT score: 1210-1370, Median ACT score: 26-32

Supporting Documents: Resume, 2 letters of recommendation, essay, SAT/ACT scores, and high-school transcripts.

Baylor University Cost of Attendance

If you are an international student who is hoping to enroll at the university in the upcoming sessional year, below is mentioned an estimated budget for international students looking to study in the US that may be helpful for you and must be taken note of.

Budget Item2020-2021 Academic Year (USD)
Tuition44,544 USD
General Student Fee4,702 USD
Room and Meals12,682 USD

baylor university scholarships for international students

Scholarships/Financial Aid for International Students

  • The institute offers financial aid of various kinds like educational loans, grants, and scholarships for international students to study in the USA.
  • Over 90% of the students of Baylor University receive some kind of financial aid. 
  • Approximately, 18,856 USD is the average financial help provided to a student.
  • 15% students receive federal aid averaging 4,790 USD per student.
  • These scholarships include academic scholarships, departmental scholarships, athletic scholarships, etc. The international students are also eligible for these scholarships.
  • In order to apply for a scholarship, you will have to fill up the FAFSA Profile and the CSS Profile.

baylor university outside scholarships

Each year, Baylor University awards more than $7.5 million of generous scholarships to high-achieving attendees at the following programs:

  • Getterman Scholars Program
  • Invitation to Excellence
  • Baylor2Baylor Medical Program
  • Baylor2Baylor Law Program
  • Baylor2Baylor Seminary Program
  • Distinguished Scholars Day

For the 2021-2022 year, we will offer a hybrid of virtual and in-person offerings to accommodate all prospective students interested in a scholarship program. Fall events will be primarily virtual, with a few exceptions. Spring events will primarily be in-person, with a few exceptions. Baylor’s scholarship programs offer an in-depth, high-quality experience and the same amount of scholarship offerings as years past, but with added safety and flexibility for students and families.

Prospective freshmen students will have the opportunity to be awarded multiple scholarships:

  • Each program has specific scholarship levels that participants will be considered for at the conclusion of the program.
  • Each student who fully completes one or more scholarship programs will be awarded a one-time $1,000 scholarship, regardless of the number of programs completed.
  • All participants will be considered for additional Baylor scholarships geared toward high-achieving students.

How should I apply?

  • First, submit an application to Baylor.
  • After you’ve submitted your application to Baylor, you’ll gain access to your personal goBAYLOR portal.
    • If you apply with Common App or ApplyTexas, be aware that you will get a separate email 24-48 hours after you submit your application to create your goBaylor account. Please keep this in mind as you apply for our Scholarship Programs.
  • The 2022 Scholarship Program Application will be in your goBAYLOR portal under the “Connect & Visit” tab. 
    • Keep in mind, you can make changes to your application up until you click Submit. After submission, changes can not be made.
  • Note: If you opt into providing your test scores on your Baylor admissions application, your test scores will be considered as part of your Scholarship Programs Application. If you opt out of providing your test scores on your Baylor admission application, your test scores will not be considered as part of your Scholarship Programs Application.

How do I know what programs I might qualify for?
Students should review specific program descriptions to learn more about the academic profile of students who are typically accepted into each program. Then apply for the programs that sound like a good match with your academic record. Whether you are applying to one or multiple programs, you will submit only one application.

Note: Baylor Scholarship Programs are only available for qualified prospective freshmen students. If you are considering Baylor as a transfer, you can explore other scholarship opportunities available to you on our Transfer Academic Scholarships webpage.

What if I’m interested in more than one program?

That’s perfectly fine! Students can apply to any and all the programs that they think the best suit them. The application will list all the scholarship programs and ask students to check a box next to the ones they are interested in. Remember: It’s okay to check more than one program — just be prepared to submit all the specific requirements for each program as you’re filling out the application, and pay close attention to the academic profile and qualifications of each program.

What is the timeline for the scholarship programs?

There will be two rounds of scholarship programs. Some programs will be offered in both rounds, while others are only available one time during the academic year. See the Requirements & Important Dates section below. It is important to note that Round 1 will mainly be virtual options only, while Round 2 will offer in-person programs. Please make sure to apply for the program that aligns with the arrangement you want. 

If I apply, and I am accepted into one or more programs, what are the requirements to participate?

If students are accepted into a program, they must register for that program as a formal indication that they intend to fully participate.

There will be a checklist of program requirements to complete in the student’s goBAYLOR account.

Generally speaking, students who participate in a scholarship program must do the following:

  • Engage in an academic experience led by Baylor faculty.
  • Submit an essay after the Faculty session. (Essay prompt will be provided by the academic unit.)

*Depending on the program, there could be additional requirements. These will be visible in goBAYLOR as an additional checklist item to complete.

When will I be notified if I am a scholarship recipient?

For a timeline of when students will be informed of selections, see the Requirements & Important Dates section below.

To learn more about the 2021-2022 Freshman Scholarship Programs, click here.

Based on the program(s) you would like to attend, use the link below to apply for Round 2.

baylor university merit scholarships

Requirements & Important Dates

Scholarship ProgramRound 1Round 2Academic RequirementsVirtual or In-Person
Getterman Scholars* ACT 34, SAT 1500 or CLT 103+In-Person
Invitation to ExcellenceACT 32 or SAT 1420Round 1 – Virtual
Round 2 –
Distinguished Scholars**ACT 27-31 or SAT 1260-1410Round 1 – Virtual
Round 2 –
Baylor2Baylor MedicalACT 32 or SAT 1430
and possess a 3.7 GPA and/or be top 5%
Round 1 – Virtual
Round 2 –
Baylor2Baylor Law ACT 30 or SAT 1360In-Person
Baylor2Baylor Seminary ACT 27 or SAT 1280In-Person

*Those selected to participate in Getterman Scholars will be required to attend the Honors session for Invitation to Excellence in Round 2.
**Distinguished Scholars Days for certain academic units are only available in Round 1 or 2. Check the table under Distinguished Scholars Day below to see what academic units are available during what round.

Action ItemsRound 1Round 2
Scholarship application openingSeptember 1September 1
Completed Baylor application deadlineNovember 1November 1
Scholarship application deadline (11:59 p.m. CST)October 1*November 8
Participation notification dateOctober 8November 22
Deadline to schedule required interactions
and confirm participation
October 13November 30
Essay due after faculty session
Click here to see essay due dates for Round 1
I2E – November 15 at 9 a.m. CST;
BSB/DSD – Specific to department/program
I2E – January 31at 9 a.m. CST:
BSB/DSD – Specific to department/program
Scholarship notification dateJanuary 15April 9

*After you’ve submitted your application to Baylor, you’ll gain access to your personal goBAYLOR portal as well as to the 2022 Scholarship Program application. Though a completed admission file is not due until November 1, we encourage you to submit your materials early to enhance your Scholarship Program application.

Alumni Network

Baylor University has a huge alumni network. The alumni enjoy a lot of benefits. They get free passes to music concerts. They are also given free entrance to the Martin Museum of Arts. Library cards to Central Libraries are also provided to the Baylor alumni. The alumni are a part of the Heritage Club, which organizes various events from time to time.

Some notable alumni include Nancy Barrett, Crystal Bernard, and Marc Burckhardt.

The key takeaway from this should be that there is plenty of financial aid available for students who are willing to make an effort to find it. No need to fret about being unable to pay for a college education, provided you’re willing to put in the time and effort necessary to secure your funds.

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