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If you’ve been considering a career change, or just want to expand your skill set, an online course may be right for you. The [company name] is offering a one-of-a-kind Bach Flowers Online Course. In this course, students will learn about the history of flower remedies and their uses in health care, as well as how to make their own remedies using flowers and other ingredients. Students will also learn how to use these remedies in their everyday lives. With this course, students will be able to take their knowledge of Bach Flowers into the real world and apply it to the people around them!

This is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking for a career change or simply interested in learning more about Bach flowers. This course can help you become more knowledgeable about these remedies and give you an edge over others who are not as familiar with them.

This online course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about Bach Flower Remedies and how they can be used in health care settings as well as personal use.

Bach Flower Education | NCBTMB

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Bach Flower Remedies Online Course

Bach flower remedies are a holistic approach to healing that was developed by Dr. Edward Bach. He was a doctor and homeopath who, in the early 1900s, discovered the 38 different remedies while working with his family and patients. These 38 remedies can be used to treat a wide range of illnesses, including physical, mental and emotional ailments.

The Bach Flower Remedies Online Course is designed to teach you how to use Bach flower remedies as part of your daily life. You will learn about each remedy type, its benefits and how it can be used as part of your personal health routine. You will also have access to a private Facebook group where you can connect with other students and continue learning about this powerful healing modality after the course has ended.

Natural remedies for emotional stress and negative feelings

This Short Course introduces you to Bach Flower Remedies and how to use them to improve emotional wellbeing. Bach Flower Remedies can help with a range of emotional disturbances including fear, worry, anxiety, uncertainty, loneliness, oversensitivity, despair, sadness, grief, anger and resentment. They are safe to use and can be taken by children, the elderly and during pregnancy and lactation.

mother studying nutrition course online

This Bach Flower Remedies Course teaches you:

  • The best Bach Flower Remedies for anxiety, worry and other unsettling emotions.
  • How to confidently use the 38 Bach Flowers to create tailored remedies for yourself and others.
  • The most appropriate flower remedies for stress and addressing specific emotions and feelings including fear and depression.
  • Effective flower remedies for sleep and helpful flower remedies for grief.

About Bach Flower Remedies

Dr. Edward Bach was a medical doctor working at a London hospital specialising in colon health. He developed the Bach Flower Remedies in 1915 after becoming disillusioned with the emphasis medicine placed on disease symptoms rather than the individual. Dr. Bach set out to find a gentle, effective and non-invasive approach to help his patients as he saw illness as the body’s way of expressing mental disharmony.

After perceiving the energy of plants (flowers) and the energy of his patients, Dr. Bach developed a method of preserving and transferring these specific plant energies. He gave individual Bach Flower Remedies to his patients to match their energy. The results were remarkable and his patients recovered both emotionally and physically. Over the years, Dr. Bach developed 38 remedies to address feelings of emotional distress and banish negative emotions so that balance can be restored to the mind and body.

This short online course consists of filmed lectures, comprehensive course notes and an online assessment. It teaches you how to utilise the Bach Flower Remedies for a variety of daily life applications.

Who should take this course?

As an introductory level course, it is suitable for anyone with an interest in natural therapies, whether you’re a practitioner looking to upskill or you’re simply curious about Bach Flower Remedies. There are no prerequisites to study.


CNM Certificate in Bach Flower Therapy.


Continuous Professional Development (CPD): This course is worth 60 CPD points awarded by the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners (ANP).

In this course, you learn:

  • The 38 remedies and their applications.
  • The best remedies to restore emotional wellbeing and help with anxiety, overwhelm, stress and worry.
  • How to use Bach Flowers to overcome fear (both fear of the unknown and specific fears), despair, grief and loss.
  • The flowers which are effective at addressing anger, uncertainty, resentment and negative mind chatter.
  • How to use Bach Flowers to deal with emotional eating, panic attacks, trauma and oversensitivity.
  • Case taking and case analysis.
  • How to select remedies and dose appropriately.

Qualifications: MHSc in Herbal Medicine. BHSc in Complementary Medicine. Certified Bach Flower Practitioner.

Background: Dee is a Naturopath, Nutritional therapist and Herbalist who has taught a range of Naturopathy and Nutrition lectures at CNM’s London campus. She is currently the online tutor for the Naturopathy modules. Dee is a big advocate of Bach Flower Essences and has a particular interest in the mind-body connection and how it influences health. What she loves most about teaching natural health is being able to empower her students to take control of their health and make positive changes towards improving their wellbeing.

Study Online

  • Study in your own time.
  • Study from anywhere in the world.
  • Includes in-depth video lectures with one of CNM’s highly qualified lecturers.

You’ll also get:

  • Extensive handouts for each lecture.
  • Bach Flowers case studies and repertory.
  • 10% off any further CNM Short Courses.

Bach Flowers Practitioner Diploma Course 

Why are YOU Interested in the
Diploma Course?

#1 Personal Growth

Learn more about the Remedies & Myself…

…and gain an advanced understanding of how my emotions affect my life. To help Friends and Family.  
[Self Discovery. Self Healing]. 

#2 Practitioner Use

Offer Emotional Support to my Clients…

…by enhancing my ability to provide deeper & more effective emotional healing.  
[Enhanced Knowledge.  Applied Healing].




Understand Bach Flowers…
Help Yourself… Help Others!

    The first step is to become ‘Self-Aware’.  Often this is only done at a superficial level.  However, this course will teach you how to become Self-Aware at a much deeper level.  This can unlock truly remarkable transformations for you…
    Your life is a reflection of how you feel.  Your every thought, word and action determines the outcomes you’ll achieve.  This course provides tools and understanding needed to make changes to help gain the outcomes that you want to achieve…
    It is not possible to take care of anybody else, unless you first take care of you yourself.  Only when you are comfortable with who you are can you help your loved ones.  This course teaches you how to help yourself in order to help others.


Highly Focused Multi Media Course…

8 High Impact Modules that will will help you (and your clients) get the most out of Bach Flower Remedies

#1 – Introduction

Duration: 20m

The foundation of Bach Therapy. Gain a solid understanding of how you need to work within it’s parameters.

  • Bach’s Spirituality
  • 5 Basic Principles
  • Doctrine of Signatures
  • Sun and Boiling Methods

#2 – The Twelve Healers

Duration: 30m

These are the 12 personality types. Discovering your ‘type’ will unlock huge potential for you.

  • Personalities (Soul, Gifts, Talents)
  • Life Responses
  • Which is your Affinity Remedy?
  • The Power of Colour

#3 – The Seven Helpers

Duration: 30m

How to use the 7 Helpers to peel back your protective layers for enhanced healing. 

  • Role of the 7 Helpers
  • How the 7 Helpers relate to ‘life’
  • Recognising your limiting beliefs
  • Compare & contrast remedies

#4 – The 2nd Nineteen

Duration: 30m

How to tackle the stress of daily life. Learn how to use the 2nd Nineteen for best effect.

  • The 4 Blocks
  • What ‘is’ Stress?
  • Your Personal Stress Response
  • Treat ‘The Now’ not ‘The Past’

#5 – Helping Others

Duration: 30m

Learn ‘how’ to listen & what to listen for. Learning this vital skill will enable you to help yourself (and others too!).

  • Unraveling Stories
  • Power of ‘Listen Only’ mode
  • Secret ‘Language’ clues
  • Filtering out the key messages

#6 – Prescribing for others

Duration: 30m

Discover the correct methods and best practice for creating powerful and unique ‘personal mix’.

  • The ‘Power’ of Water
  • The 3 Consumption Methods
  • Correct Dosages
  • Do’s and Don’ts (& Myths)

#7 – Case Studies

Duration: 1h 30m

Academic knowledge is useless unless applied. Work through tricky case studies to test your new knowledge.

  • Gain ‘Practical’ Experience
  • Tutor Supported Diagnosis
  • Model Answers
  • Feedback Discussions

#8 – Home Study 

Duration: 18h

Home Study of the Remedies to cement your learning.  Assessed practical application via case studies.

  • Self Reflection / Journaling
  •  Tutor Marked Assessments
  • Case Work, plus Follow-Up
  • (* Necessary for Certification)

This course Helps you to…
Help Yourself and Help Others…

Seven Detailed Video Lessons provide in depth training.  Discover your own individual “hidden nuggets” of understanding that will unlock your own untapped potential.

Quick Reference Guides for each Module including Slide Packs, Worksheets, Transcripts, PDF Summaries, and handy Checklists to help you get the best learning.

Self Paced with First Rate Support (inc., live chat and email support). Work at your own pace.  I pride myself on producing great products with outstanding personal support.

Bach Flower Remedies Diploma Course

Bach Flower Remedies Certificate Course - Holistic healing

Bach flower remedies are powerful yet gentle healing tools that can help you resolve emotional imbalances, amongst many other things. From this course, you will learn how to become a Bach flower practitioner. You’ll study how they work, how to put custom treatments together from remedies and treat various conditions, and how to work with clients.

To introduce you to the subject, the course first takes you through the history and origin of Bach flower remedies, with information on its creator, Dr Edward Bach and his research. This introduction also includes an explanation of vibrational healing and a guide through Bach’s written works.

The Bach Flower Remedies Diploma Course provides an understanding of how the Bach system works with the mental and emotional body and how flower essences help to enhance the positive aspects of these areas and bring balance through powerful energetic frequencies that affect your soul. To really get a grasp of how the therapy works, you will be guided through the body’s 5 layers of energy.

The Bach flower course guides you through the 7 Bach groups and all 38 remedies. Each one is fully explained with when and how they should be used, Bach’s own explanation of the remedy and the personality traits to look out for that match with certain remedies. Case studies are also included, to cement understanding.

With each of the remedies understood, the Bach Flower Remedies Diploma Course goes on to explain how they are prepared and how they help those taking them. You’ll learn how to put together remedies for specific issues, including anger, depression, emotional eating & weight Issues, fear & anxiety, lack of focus, stress, panic attacks, stuttering, and sleeplessness.

Dr Bach believed that negative moods and emotions are responsible for the breakdown in our health, which then leads to illness. With this in mind, he based his flower remedies upon what he called a ‘theory of types’ by which he divided people into seven groups based on their reactions to illness. From this course, you will learn about human emotions, the energy centres of the body, and how Bach believed that through treating a client’s emotional and mental state with flower remedies, you can help to remedy their illnesses.

As animals have emotions that are similar to humans, which can become unbalanced, they too can benefit from Bach flower remedies. The course advises on remedies that can help with issues specific to cats, dogs, and horses. You will also find out about some useful Bach remedies for plants.

In addition, the Bach Flower Remedies Diploma Course also details how to use your newly-found knowledge to offer bespoke treatments to clients. You will learn how to go about taking on and consulting with clients and setting up goals and treatment plans for them.

Bach Flower Remedies Diploma Course

Course Syllabus

What will I learn on the course?

 Certified Course Accredited Course

Module 1 – History and Origins of Bach Flower Essence Remedies

6 parts

  • Introduction
  • Part 1: History of Bach Flower Remedies
  • Part 2: Origin of Bach Flower Remedies – Homeopathic Research
  • Part 3: Vibrational Healing
  • Part 4: Bach’s Written Works
  • Module 1 Assessment

Module 2 – How Bach Flower Remedies Work and the System of Medicine

6 parts

  • Part 1: Understanding the Bach System
  • Part 2: How Flower Essences Really Work
  • Part 3: Energetic Fields
  • Part 4: The Five Layers of Your Energy
  • Part 5: The Garden of Your Mind
  • Module 2 Assessment

Module 3 – The Seven Bach Flower Groups

4 parts

  • Part 1: The Seven Bach Flower Groups
  • Part 2: Learning to Use the System
  • Part 3: Choosing a Remedy
  • Module 3 Assessment

Module 4 – Bach Flower Essences Overview I

12 parts

  • Part 1: Bach Flower Essences 1-19
  • Part 2: Agrimony and Aspen
  • Part 3: Beech and Centaury
  • Part 4: Cerato and Cherry Plum
  • Part 5: Chestnut Bud and Chicory
  • Part 6: Clematis and Crab Apple
  • Part 7: Elm and Gentian
  • Part 8: Gorse and Heather
  • Part 9: Holly and Honeysuckle
  • Part 10: Hornbeam and Impatiens
  • Part 11: Larch
  • Module 4 Assessment

Module 5 – Bach Flower Essences Overview II

12 parts

  • Part 1: Bach Flower Essences 20-38
  • Part 2: Mimulus and Mustard
  • Part 3: Oak and Olive
  • Part 4: Pine and Red Chestnut
  • Part 5: Rock Rose and Rock Water
  • Part 6: Scleranthus and Star of Bethlehem
  • Part 7: Sweet Chestnut and Vervain
  • Part 8: Vine and Walnut
  • Part 9: Water Violet and White Chestnut
  • Part 10: Wild Oat and Wild Rose
  • Part 11: Willow
  • Module 5 Assessment

Module 6 – Guide to Selecting the Correct Remedies

5 parts

  • Part 1: How the Remedies Are Made
  • Part 2: How the Remedies Work
  • Part 3: Remedy Preparation and Administration
  • Part 4: Rescue Remedy
  • Module 6 Assessment

Module 7 – How to Take the Bach Flower Remedies to Cure Negative Emotions

4 parts

  • Part 1: Theory of Types
  • Part 2: The Nine Basic Human Emotions
  • Part 3: The Value of the Emotional Body
  • Module 7 Assessment

Module 8 – Remedies for Pets, Animals and Plants

4 parts

  • Part 1: Bach Remedies for Animals
  • Part 2: Bach Remedies for Horses
  • Part 3: Bach Remedies for Plants
  • Module 8 Assessment

Module 9 – Healing List of Specific Treatments and Essences

5 parts

  • Part 1: Anger and Depression
  • Part 2: Emotional Eating, Weight Issues and Lack of Focus
  • Part 3: Fear, Anxiety and Stress
  • Part 4: Panic Attacks, Stuttering and Sleeplessness
  • Module 9 Assessment

Module 10 – Choosing Remedies for Others

8 parts

  • Part 1: Bach Flower Consultation
  • Part 2: Comprehensive Bach Flower Questionnaire
  • Part 3: Selecting the Right Clients
  • Part 4: General Client Questionnaire
  • Part 5: Making Up a Treatment Plan
  • Part 6: Bach Flower Affirmations
  • Conclusion
  • Module 10 Assessment

Who Would Benefit from This Course?

Covering the subject from beginner-level upwards, the Bach Flower Remedies Diploma Course can be taken up by anyone who wishes to use this therapy for themselves. The course also includes guidance on consulting with and providing treatment plans for clients, so you can use the knowledge gained to offer this treatment to others either on its own or alongside other homeopathic remedies.


The Bach Flower Remedies Diploma Course will take you up to 150 hours to complete, working from home. There is no time limit for completing this course, it can be studied in your own time at your own pace.

This is a Level 3 course and will give you 150 CPD (Continued Professional Development) points.

Upon completion of your course assessments, you receive 2 certificates. A certificate from the Centre of Excellence and a CPD certificate displaying the number of CPD points earned from the course.

This course is registered with the CMA (Complementary Medical Association), which is internationally recognised as the elite force in professional, ethical complementary medicine by professional practitioners, doctors and, increasingly, by the general public. Upon completion of the course you can gain membership to the CMA, which in addition to supplying a professional accreditation, offers a number of benefits, all of which can be found here.

This course is endorsed by the Quality Licence Scheme. Therefore, upon successful completion of this course, learners can also receive a certificate of achievement from Quality Licence Scheme and a Learner Unit Summary, which lists the details of all the units the learner has completed as part of the course. (This certificate is optional and costs an additional £25).

The Quality Licence Scheme is part of the Skills and Education Group, a charitable organisation that unites education and skills-orientated organisations that share similar values and objectives. With more than 100 years of collective experience, the Skills and Education Group’s strategic partnerships create opportunities to inform, influence and represent the wider education and skills sector.

The Skills and Education Group also includes two nationally recognised awarding organisations; Skills and Education Group Awards and Skills and Education Group Access. Through their awarding organisations they have developed a reputation for providing high-quality qualifications and assessments for the education and skills sector. They are committed to helping employers, organisations and learners cultivate the relevant skills for learning, skills for employment, and skills for life.

Their knowledge and experience of working within the awarding sector enables them to work with training providers, through the Quality Licence Scheme, to help them develop high-quality courses and/or training programmes for the non-regulated market.

5 Best Bach Flower Therapy Courses

Many systems of medication and healing believe that most illnesses are due to emotional imbalances manifested as body ailments. Bach Flower remedy is one such school of healing. If you are intrigued by the natural ways of recovery, then you are at the right place. Our experts have listed the best online free and paid Bach Flower Therapy Diploma courses and certifications. You can browse through the list to choose your pick.  Have a look at our compilation of Best Intuitive Healing Courses.

1. Bach Flower Remedies Diploma Course (Centre of Excellence) 

Bach Flower remedies have proven to be beneficial as complementary treatments for many ailments. You can acquire the knowledge and skill of administering these remedies for yourselves or use them to help others. This can be achieved by earning a Diploma in Bach Flower Remedies from the Centre of Excellence. You can enroll for this course and study at your pace to learn the history, application, body energy layers, 38 Bach remedies, seven Bach groups, and much more from this course. Upon successful completion of this Diploma, students earn 150 Continuing Education Points (CPD) along with certification and membership to Complementary Medical Association that offers many perks for Bach practitioners. 

Key USPs –

– Explore the healing tools available in the form of Bach Flower remedies to treat the emotional and mental states of the human body 

– Understand different personality traits and how you can apply the 38 remedies as per the individuality of people 

– Use Bach remedies for your own wellbeing or use them to help your loved ones

– Understand the application of Bach remedies to treat animals like cats, dogs, and horses 

– Acquire Diploma certification to practice as a Bach professional and learn methods to acquire, handle and heal clients 

Duration: 150 Hours

2. Become A Bach® Practitioner (The Bach Centre)

The Bach Centre provides a platform to all those who want to use the power of Bach remedies to help people heal themselves through natural means. Their well-rounded curriculum on Becoming a Bach Practitioner takes students on a journey to learn about these plant remedies from the ground up. Once you complete the program, you become eligible for earning continuing education points and can start working as a registered professional. You can get the support to establish your practice from the Nelson Bach USA Ltd through their Practitioner Support Program that will help you figure out the product and client part of the healing. Check out the website to know the details about the upcoming course schedule. Check out our curation of Best Free Herbalism Courses.

Key USPs – 

– Understand the use of flower-based remedies for treating agitated mental and emotional states

– Become a registered Bach Practitioner to help heal others and make it your side hustle 

– Get necessary support to establish your practice as a Bach healer by the manufacturer of Bach® Original Flower Remedy

Duration: Variable

3. The Complete Bach Flower Remedy Guide – Become a Healer (Udemy)

This comprehensive Bach Flower Remedy guide on Udemy is for anyone who wants to heal and become a healer using natural ways. The course is simplified with examples to make it easy to follow and practice. It contains ample theoretical and practical means to get you started with understanding preventive measures for physical and mental illnesses using Bach remedies. The tutorials will help you identify the issue in your body and help you cleanse it to strike an equilibrium. It also aims to build your knowledge as a healer so that you can extend your skill for healing others. Successful completion of the course makes you eligible for Certification that you can use for practicing Bach Remedies for complementary treatments. 

Key USPs – 

– Understand the history and types of Bach remedies and their applications in different health conditions 

– Learn to use flower remedies as a preventive technique to regain your body’s natural state of stability 

– Get insights into the positive and negative states of each remedy to dig deeper into its impact

– Become a healer by administering Bach Flower Remedy to people who want to heal naturally  

Duration: 2.5 Hours

4. Certificate in Bach Flower Remedies (Wellness Professionals at Work) 

If you are interested in exploring the powers and magic of energy healing, this is the right place to start your journey. The Wellness Professionals at Work provide Certification in Bach Flower Remedies which is recognized by the National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP). The credentials can help you improve your authority as a therapist, thus landing more clients if you are already practicing. For freshers, it offers all the benefits that a new career in complementary healing has in store. A growing online student community that thrives on peer learning and instructor support during the program are some of the key highlights apart from the training that students get through this program. 

Key USPs –

– Gain in-depth knowledge in the 38 Bach Flower remedies and how to use them for different conditions 

– Build your own techniques as a Bach Flower healer to use them in integration with your existing therapy techniques 

– Learn the usage of flower remedies for animals to ease their emotional turbulences and help pets 

– Acquire recognition from NCP and also get membership of the same to make the most of community learning 

Duration: 1 Year 

5. Bach Flowers – An Introduction – Online Course – Community Learning (Inspire) 

Get started with learning how to heal from the inside out by signing up for this community learning program by Inspire on Bach Flower remedies. It is an introductory course that will take students through the seven emotional nuances in people and their causes to understand the subsequent effects on the human body. Then it walks you through the 38 techniques of Bach flower remedies addressing the emotional states to heal naturally. You can get the details regarding available dates from the Inspire website to book your seat and enjoy the learning online at your ease.  Don’t forget to check our list of Best Energy Healing Courses.

Key USPs –

– Understand Bach flower remedy technique in detail through its history, evolution, and current use

– Learn to rebalance the emotional states through flower-based treatment illustrated here 

– Help yourself and your loved ones to enjoy wellness states of a sound body, mind, and soul

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