Audio Engineering Schools in Atlanta

Last Updated on December 22, 2022

You can be an audio engineer! An excellent career choice given the right education. But where do you start? By enrolling in an audio engineering school in Georgia, of course. To help you get the most out of your experience, this article is designed to answer questions like, “What type of training will I receive?” “How much will it cost?” and more

If you are seeking to learn about audio engineering schools in atlanta for the first time, the subject might seem overpowering for those who have not researched the subject before, but you are likely to be fascinated by the information you come across. 

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Audio engineering school cost


Audio Engineering & Music Production$10,360$2,500$12,860
Advanced Audio Engineering & Music Production$10,860$2,500$13,360
Hip Hop & Beat Making$10,470$2,500$12,970
Live Music$10,360$2,500$12,860
Ableton Electronic Music Production$10,720$2,500$13,220
Advanced Ableton Electronic Music Production$13,720$2,500$16,220
Logic Pro Electronic Music Production$10,470$2,500$12,970
Music Producing$10,470$2,500$12,970
Live DJ$10,720$2,500$13,220
Music Business$10,250$2,500$12,750

audio engineering schools in georgia

Audio engineering schools in atlanta

We have created a ranking of the best colleges in Atlanta that offer Music Production degrees to help you find a school that fits your needs. Each school’s ranking is based on the compilation of our data from reliable government sources, student surveys, college graduate interviews, and editorial review. In addition, you can view our entire list of all 12 Music Production schools located within Atlanta. We also provide reviews, facts, and questions and answers for schools on our site and offer you access to get valuable information from colleges and universities today.

1Emory UniversityAtlanta, GAUniversity LogoEmory University offers 3 Music Production Degree programs. It’s a large private university in a large suburb. In 2015, 27 students graduated in the study area of Music Production with students earning 25 Bachelor’s degrees, and 2 Master’s degrees. Based on 16 Reviews
2Georgia Institute of Technology-Main CampusAtlanta, GAgeorgia-institute-of-technologyImage by @snowgnome650Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus offers 1 Music Production Degree program. It’s a large public university in a large city. In 2015, 12 students graduated in the study area of Music Production with students earning 12 Master’s degrees. Based on 32 Reviews
3Georgia State UniversityAtlanta, GAUniversity LogoGeorgia State University offers 3 Music Production Degree programs. It’s a large public university in a large city. In 2015, 60 students graduated in the study area of Music Production with students earning 33 Bachelor’s degrees, 26 Master’s degrees, and 1 Certificates degree. Based on 32 Reviews
4Spelman CollegeAtlanta, GASpelman CollegeSpelman College offers 1 Music Production Degree program. It’s a small private university in a large city.
5Morehouse CollegeAtlanta, GAUniversity LogoMorehouse College offers 3 Music Production Degree programs. It’s a small private university in a large city. In 2015, 4 students graduated in the study area of Music Production with students earning 4 Bachelor’s degrees.
6University of West GeorgiaCarrollton, GAUniversity of West GeorgiaUniversity of West Georgia offers 5 Music Production Degree programs. It’s a large public university in a outlying town. In 2015, 8 students graduated in the study area of Music Production with students earning 7 Bachelor’s degrees, and 1 Master’s degree. Based on 20 Reviews
7Clayton State UniversityMorrow, GAUniversity LogoClayton State University offers 1 Music Production Degree program. It’s a medium sized public university in a large suburb. In 2015, 7 students graduated in the study area of Music Production with students earning 7 Bachelor’s degrees. Based on 4 Reviews
8Reinhardt UniversityWaleska, GAReinhardt UniversityReinhardt University offers 8 Music Production Degree programs. It’s a small private university in a outlying rural. In 2015, 17 students graduated in the study area of Music Production with students earning 12 Bachelor’s degrees, and 5 Master’s degrees.
9Clark Atlanta UniversityAtlanta, GAUniversity LogoClark Atlanta University offers 1 Music Production Degree program. It’s a medium sized private university in a large city. In 2015, 4 students graduated in the study area of Music Production with students earning 4 Bachelor’s degrees.
10Agnes Scott CollegeDecatur, GAUniversity LogoAgnes Scott College offers 2 Music Production Degree programs. It’s a very small private university in a large suburb. In 2015, 5 students graduated in the study area of Music Production with students earning 5 Bachelor’s degrees.
School LogoSchool NameAverage tuitionStudent Teacher RatioEnrolled Students
Emory University Atlanta, GA5/57 : 113,788
Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus Atlanta, GA3/523 : 125,034
Georgia State University Atlanta, GA3/523 : 132,058
Spelman College Atlanta, GA5/511 : 12,144
Morehouse College Atlanta, GA5/513 : 12,167
University of West Georgia Carrollton, GA2/526 : 112,834
Clayton State University Morrow, GA2/527 : 17,012
Reinhardt University Waleska, GA4/511 : 11,364
Clark Atlanta University Atlanta, GA4/518 : 13,661
Agnes Scott College Decatur, GA5/510 : 1902
Atlanta Institute of Music and Media Duluth, GA41 : 1163
Georgia Christian University Atlanta, GA2/59 : 1239

Affordable audio engineering schools

Audio engineering schools are havens for anybody who gets excited by the technology of sound and harbors a desire to learn every aspect of it in order to make audio production their career. 

Enrolling in the right program at a strong audio engineering school is one of the best ways to gain a diverse set of skills that will help you make it in the audio production industry. Programs in audio engineering are designed to teach students music theory, how to operate the various features of recording equipment, live event production, audio production for movies and video games, and the business side of the recording industry. Audio engineering schools are also an ideal setting for burgeoning audio engineers to network with classmates and instructors so that they can develop professional relationships to lean on as they graduate and enter the workforce.  

For voice actors, audio engineering schools are the perfect destination to go to master the art of recording. No matter how experienced a performer you are, honing your audio engineering skills can mean the difference between producing amateur-sounding recordings filled with plosives, poorly mixed tracks, and other unwanted noises—compared to being able to churn out impressive, high-quality audio that won’t require extra editing effort from your clients. 

When you’re setting out to research different audio engineering schools, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. You’ll likely want to consider the school’s location, program duration, tuition costs, and where alumni from these audio engineering schools have gone on to work. 

To help you find the program that’s suited for your specific needs, we’ve compiled a list of the most esteemed audio engineering schools throughout North America. Without further ado, here are the top 15 audio engineering schools for aspiring audio engineers in 2021. 

Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology 

Location: London, Ontario

Program Length: 11 months (46 weeks)

Degree: Diploma in Audio Recording Technology

Tuition: $32,450 CAD

Overview: The Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology’s program is the only program of its kind that prepares students to enter any field in the audio industry. With only one program and one start date per year, OIART provides an intensive educational experience consisting of 650+ hours of hands-on training and 650+ hours of in-studio class time. The school is known for its high completion rate. 

Sample Curriculum: The school offers distinct creative paths that lead to careers in Music Production, Live Sound & Event Production, and Audio for Visual Media. There are courses that span almost every aspect of the audio production and music industries, including Music Production, Music Theory, Audio for Video Games, Sound Design, Lighting Design, Acoustics, Modern Recording Techniques, and more. 

Famous Alumni: Audio engineers who are graduates include Dan Brodbeck (known for working with Dolores O’Riordan and The Cranberries), Rob Nokes (founder of, Matty Green (LA-based recording engineer and mixer who has worked with Ed Sheeran), Ryan Castle (known for work with Sheryl Crow), Wayne Lemmer (sound designer with credits on Kung Fu Panda and Transformers), and Voices Founder and CEO David Ciccarelli. 

Full Sail University

Location: Winter Park, Florida

Program Length: 29 months (online)

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Audio Production

Overview: Full Sail’s Audio Production bachelor of science degree program is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to conduct business as an independent audio creator. Areas of study range from pop culture and music business fundamentals to production and post-production techniques, in addition to foundational material like college mathematics and professional writing. (Full Sail)

Sample Curriculum: Fundamentals of Music Business, Contemporary Production Techniques

Famous Alumni: Hall of Fame inductees Gary Rizzo and Sebastian Krys. Full Sail alumni have mixed, recorded, or assisted on 18 of the past 24 Grammy winners in the Album of the Year category. 

Fanshawe College 

Location: London, Ontario

Program Length: 30 weeks (in 2 semesters)

Degree: Ontario College Graduate Certificate in Audio Post-Production

Tuition: $6,860 CAD

Overview: Fanshawe College’s Audio Post-Production program is a highly specialized, advanced program in the theory and practice of all phases of producing creative sound for film, television, gaming, web animations, live audio, video, and all new media forms. Concept building is emphasized through various means: audio production and surround sound design and mixing, field recording, ADR, Foley, live sound, and game sound techniques. Students are engaged in individual and collaborative projects involving practical and process oriented instruction, working with other graduate certificate programs and departments within the College, as well as independent lab time. This specialization prepares students well for career opportunities within the audio production and post-production industry. (Fanshawe College)

Sample Curriculum: Multi-leveled courses that cover Audio Post-Production Theory, Practical, and Lab.

Famous Alumni: Musicians Les Stroud, Emm Gryner, William Peter Randall, Trevor Morris, and radio hosts Ted Roop and Greg Brady all attended Fanshawe College. 

University of Washington 

Location: Seattle, Washington

Program Length: 8 months

Degree: Certificate in Audio Production Techniques

Tuition: $5,787 USD

Overview: In the University of Washington’s three-course certificate program, students explore the technical principles and creative skills required to complete professional sound projects. You’ll study the basics of editing, mixing, storage media, and the mastering process. You’ll get experience with acoustics, microphones, and analog and digital recording, and you’ll apply your knowledge to create a pro-quality audio project for music or film. (University of Washington)

Sample Curriculum: Principles of Audio Production, Audio Production Project: Music, Audio Production Project: Video

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Program Length: 4 years

Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sound, Master of Fine Arts in Sound

Overview:  The School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Sound Department program’s studio offerings are complemented by courses in the history and theory of sonic arts, physics, acoustics, electronics, and traditional music. Faculty includes internationally renowned specialists in composition, improvisation, computer music, sound installations, radio art, cognitive psychology, instrument design, critical theory, curatorial practice, and software and hardware development. At the end of each semester, students are invited to participate in Waveforms, a presentation of work including performances and video. (School of the Art Institute of Chicago)

Sample Curriculum: Sonic Experience, Sound and Image, Sound Installation

Berklee College of Music

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Program Length: 8 semesters

Degree: Bachelor of Music in Music Production and Engineering

Overview: The music production and engineering experience at Berklee prepares you to enter the current music production field as an effective professional in any number of roles within a landscape of rapidly evolving tools and techniques. Your experience will prepare you to appropriately adapt to the changing demands of the recording industry. Through in-studio classroom experience, hands-on project work, and exposure to resident and visiting industry professionals, you will:

  • develop an informed and critical aesthetic vision;
  • gain a thorough knowledge and understanding of complex technical systems;
  • learn to collaborate effectively with others in numerous musical settings through participation as an engineer and producer;
  • learn to define quality using both musical and technical criteria, and to apply those criteria to your work and to the work of others; and
  • refine your communication and time-management skills in the context of multidisciplinary productions. (Berklee College of Music)

Sample Curriculum: Critical Listening Lab, The Business of Music Production, Multitrack Recording Techniques

Famous Alumni: K-Pop songwriter Kenzie (Yeonjung Kim)

Art Institute of Atlanta

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Program Length: 4 years

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Audio Production

Tuition: Approximately $96,300 USD for the entire program.

Overview: In the Art Institute of Atlanta’s Bachelor of Arts in Audio Production program, students begin with acoustic, musical, and electronic audio basics while working with digital computer-based audio recording and editing programs. Students build on this foundation to study advanced musical production and engineering, Musical Instrument Digital Interface systems (MIDI), audio-to-video, and advanced mixing and mastering, as well as interactive media, media business, project management, and professional development. The program provides a creative, structured environment that encourages, even demands, a combination of hands-on experience and technical knowledge using the kind of equipment found in the industry today. A portfolio to showcase the student’s skills in a variety of audio formats to present to prospective employers is required. Audio Production graduates are prepared to seek entry-level positions at production companies, record labels, radio and TV stations, recording studios, CD and DVD manufacturing facilities, mastering studios, audio post-production for film and video, and sound design for games and the Internet. (Art Institute of Atlanta) 

Sample Curriculum: Music Theory for Audio Professionals, Synthesis & Sound Design, Video Production for Audio

Los Angeles Recording School

Location: Los Angeles, California

Program Length: 36 months

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Audio Production 

Tuition: Tuition Cost Dependent on Financial Aid Benefits. 

Overview: As part of the Los Angeles Recording School’s Bachelor of Science in Audio Production program, students work in classroom environments designed to emulate real-world production facilities. Students use professional studios and workstations featuring: SSL 9000K Series Console, AVID Pro Tools digital control surfaces, ICON D-Control control surface suites, dub stage, Foley/ADR suites and the historic IVAR Theatre. Students have exclusive access to entertainment professionals who visit the Recording School to share their insights and experience.

Once you dive into the audio world, you will start learning sequencing and synthesis, mixing concepts and techniques, Avid Pro Tools to live sound production and much more. Every student trains on analog and digital consoles in professional recording studios. (Los Angeles Recording School)

Sample Curriculum: Analog & Digital Recording, Live Sound Production, Audio Post-Production for Film

Famous Alumni: Los Angeles Recording School alumni have worked with Bruno Mars, Beyoncé, Sheryl Crow, and Janelle Monaé, as well as on the films ArrivalBlack Panther, and the TV show Stranger Things

Media Tech Dallas

Location: Dallas, Texas

Program Length: 15 months

Degree: Associate of Applied Science Degree in Recording Arts

Tuition: $24,000 USD

Overview: The Associate of Applied Science Degree in Recording Arts Program is designed to provide students with the skills necessary for employment in the audio and recording industry. You will get firsthand experience in the many different aspects of audio recording and audio engineering while learning in a professional environment. The facility provides both digital and analog recording equipment that can be found in the many professional studios around the world. Working with modern Digital Audio Workstations, students will learn about the functionality of microphones, speakers, acoustics, troubleshooting, and then integrating such skills in hands-on live and studio recording, editing, mixing, and working in post- production. Students will also learn the role of the producer, music theory, songwriting and a survey of the music business including publishing and copyrighting of music. The core classes combined with the required general education courses provide a well-rounded education. The coursework provides an effective combination of in-class lectures as well as live, hands-on training in the recording studio, bringing real world experience to the classroom. The Faculty includes seasoned professionals of the audio industry. Besides having a plethora of professional experience to share with students, the faculty continue to work in their field as well as teach, giving the student valued, up-to- date information about the ins and outs of their career. (Media Tech Dallas)

Sample Curriculum: Live Sound Engineering, Business of Music, Pro Tools certification

Vancouver Film School

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

Program Length: 12 months

Degree: Diploma in Sound Design for Visual Media

Tuition: $28,750 CAD

Overview: Discover professional-level sound design techniques in a demanding production environment that closely echoes the industry. Grads of Vancouver Film School’s Diploma in Sound Design for Visual Media program are some of the most successful and sought-after professionals in the entire Sound Design industry. (Vancouver Film School)

Sample Curriculum: Production Sound Mixing, Game Collab. Project, Intro to Professional Skills

Famous Alumni: Graduates from Vancouver Film School’s Sound Design for Visual Media program have worked on a number of recent high-profile movies and video games, including Black PantherCaptain MarvelWonder WomanDead Rising 4, and League of Legends.

LaSalle College Vancouver

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

Program Length: 6 quarters

Degree: Diploma in Professional Recording Arts

Tuition: $38,520 CAD

Overview: Through rigorous study of theoretical concepts, industry practices, and hands-on production techniques, students in the Diploma in Professional Recording Arts program work to develop the technical skills and aesthetic sensibilities needed to become professional engineers, technicians, and producers. Students learn the fundamentals of acoustics, audio engineering principles, digital audio editing, analog and digital audio mixing, music theory, among other skills. LaSalle College Vancouver’s Audio Production program shows students how to record, edit, mix, and master digital audio using industry-standard professional recording studio technology, including sophisticated Solid State Logic recording consoles. Students explore everything from producing live and studio music to designing sound for film, radio, TV, web, live performances, and other venues. (LaSalle College Vancouver)

Sample Curriculum: Fundamentals of Audio, Music Theory, Synthesis & Sound Design, Psychoacoustics

Famous Alumni: Alumni have worked with such industry giants as Electronic Arts Studio, Bardel Entertainment, Cirque du Soleil, The Armory Studios, and Michael Bublé.

Recording Arts Canada

Location: Montreal, Quebec or Toronto, Ontario

Program Length: 1 year

Degree: Sound & Music Production 

Tuition: $18,455 CAD

Overview: Guided by a Grammy-winning producer, Recording Arts Canada offers sound and music production training in world-class facilities. Their Sound and Music Production program combines essential theory, vital hands-on training, and career support so students can start landing professional opportunities within a year. (Recording Arts Canada)

Sample Curriculum: Audio Consoles, Electronics & Technology, Aesthetics of Music, Studio Production Techniques

Famous Alumni: Recording Arts Canada alumni have worked with Drake, Shawn Mendes, Rihanna, and Justin Bieber. 

Metalworks Institute

Location: Mississauga, Ontario

Program Length: 1 year

Degree: Diploma in Audio Production & Engineering

Tuition: For information on tuition, contact an Admissions Counsellor at 905-279-4000, toll-free at 1-866-783-2200, or via e-mail at [email protected]

Overview: The Audio Production & Engineering Diploma program incorporates the progressive recording and production skill-sets required to succeed in today’s high-tech audio recording environments. From music creation to music production, this program has been designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the evolving world of recording, including both large-format recording and ‘in the box’ technologies. The vast experience of Metalworks Studios has infused this curriculum with a wealth of knowledge derived from over 40 years of real-world success, resulting in a program designed to optimize future career opportunities. (Metalworks Institute)

Sample Curriculum: Musical Styles & Genres, Principles of Electricity & Electronics, Songwriting Analysis

Famous Alumni: Metalworks alumni have gone on to work at Entertainment One, Bell Media, Sony Music, Corus Entertainment, and OVO Sound.

Middle Tennessee State University

Location: Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Program Length: 4 years

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Audio Production

Overview: The state-of-the-art teaching and production facilities housed within MTSU’s Department of Recording Industry are the result of input from industry professionals, award-winning acoustic design consultants, faculty, alumni, and students. Facilities include two large music recording studios (A & B), three smaller recording studios (C, D & E), an audio post-production studio, a mastering lab, a 12-seat electronic music lab, a 16-seat digital audio workstation lab, a mixing lab, a “catch all” audio editing lab, and a live sound “café”. From large format recording and mixing consoles to control surfaces to leading-edge outboard gear, controllers, audio software and sample libraries, our facilities and resources allow students to apply fundamentals, principles and techniques without limitation. (Middle Tennessee State University)

Sample Curriculum: Digital Audio Technology, Survey of the Recording Industry, Sound for Picture, Audio Signals and Systems

Famous Alumni: MTSU production graduates have worked on gold and platinum-selling recordings and Grammy award-winning productions. The long and impressive list of artists and producers MTSU graduates have worked with include Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, Eric Church, Kacey Musgraves, Luther Vandross, Josh Groban, Bruce Springsteen, The Nashville Symphony Orchestra, Alan Jackson, Michael Buble, Randy Travis, Diane Warren, Donna Summer, Alison Krauss, Richard Marx, Dolly Parton, John Mayer, Yo-Yo Ma, Michael McDonald, Natalie Merchant, Cher, Paul Anka, Lady Antebellum, Little Big Town, and a host of others.

Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music 

Location: Los Angeles, California

Program Length: 1 year

Degree: Certificate in Audio Engineering

Tuition: $16,350

Overview: As an MI Audio Engineering major, you’ll learn how to function in today’s professional audio production environments – recording studios, venues, post production houses and/or film houses, a valuable experience provided by our audio engineering school. 

Aside from obtaining an audio engineer degree, you’ll be taught by industry experienced instructors in our audio engineering classes. You’ll also gain practical experience on professional-level consoles and recording equipment. Audio engineering majors at MI will leave the program industry-ready, after getting the chance to work with artists, mic’ing up session players, and doing final mixes. Altogether, you’ll be developing sophisticated technical and organizational skills that are vital to today’s successful engineers. (MI College of Contemporary Music)

Sample Curriculum: Recording Techniques, Recording Theory, The Business of Audio, Musicianship for Audio Engineers, Mixing Essentials, Vocal Production

Famous Alumni: Anderson .Paak, Bishop Briggs, and Mark MacKay—to name a few. 

Choosing the Right Audio Engineering School for You

Selecting the audio engineering school that is best suited to your specific needs will require a great deal of thorough research, and your final decision will likely be based on a range of factors: the amount of money you’re prepared to spend, the industry you’re striving to work in, and the particular equipment and skills you hope to enhance your expertise in. 

No matter the audio engineering school you choose to attend, enrolling in an audio engineering program is an investment in your future and will help you flourish in the growing sectors of audio technology and the recording arts. 

Voice actors can benefit enormously from attending audio engineering programs because they are then prepared to perform their own editing and professional recording work, which instantly makes them more favorable to clients. Your voice over demos, auditions, and finished recordings can only profit from professional instruction in audio engineering. 

Audio engineering schools in georgia

Music Production and Audio Engineering School Decatur, GA

Our music Production and Engineering Music School instructs students from Decatur, Georgia and the surrounding areas, who are interested in editing, mixing, and creating a variety of sounds for the use in media.

Dialogue, music, and sound effects require advanced work in order to be perfectly synced and customized to match desired media formats. These varying media formats show up in popular television shows, internet videos, video game sound effects, major motion pictures, and many more.

The Process of Developing the Right Sound Quality

Certificate in Music Production

The process of creating different sounds for the use in media and film can be challenging. The process includes a variety of steps, including,

  • Music Editing
  • Sound Effects Editing and Design 
  • Production Dialogue Editing 
  • Mixing
  • Foley Recording 
  • Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR)
  • Music Composition

Our Music and Media college serving Decatur, Georgia is world renowned in how it walks students throughout this process effectively and offers ambitious students once in a life time opportunities to learn from the best professionals in the music industry.

Our variety of focus areas allows students to chose from different certificate programs and corresponding degree offerings.

Music Production and Mix Engineering Students will enhance their musical abilities and audio acuity, preparing them for what could be an extremely successful and prosperous career in the industry of their choice. 

Professional Audio Engineers & Accredited Producers 

Recording and Music production college Decatur, Georgia

Some of the world’s best music professionals are professors at the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media. We employ only the best instructors to teach our demanding curriculum.

These industry professionals have an abundance of knowledge that they have learned to combine with their “real world” experience to teach the most beneficial combination of courses and degree programs a music college could offer in the Decatur area.

In addition to students obtaining a prestigious arts education, they are simultaneously networking to create professional relationships with these prominent engineers, producers, and musicians who at the forefront of their industries and are asked to regularly put their talents on display with many performance opportunities available.

How our respected teachers have Developed their Audio Engineering Career and can help you along your music journey

Kevin Rigney is a composer, sound designer, and audio engineer. He has worked with an impressive variety of artists and stations alike, including,

  • Steve Vai
  • George Lynch
  • Paul Gilbert
  • The Dave Weckl Band
  • Tosin Abasi
  • Adult Swim
  • CNN Sports
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Honeywell
  • Victor Wooten
  • Steve Bailey

Our Decatur Graduates Become Successful Producers

AIMM graduates often pursue rewarding careers in the music and media industry within their areas of focus. Matt Aston, just one of our most successful alumni, stands out among the crowd. 

During his time at AIMM he landed an internship at the infamous Tree Sound Studios, in Atlanta. This opportunity would have most likely been out of reach without the resources presented to him at AIMM.

This opportunity led to a job, in which he became an engineer at the studio! He credits AIMM for this amazing opportunity, and for preparing him to be successful in his career. 

He eventually began specializing in location audio and show-cased his work on a variety of reality television shows in Atlanta, such as,

  • Big Rich Atlanta
  • Real Housewives of Atlanta
  • The Family Hustle
  • Kandi Factory

Mix Engineer in Decatur, Georgia

Matt truly believes that without his education from AIMM he would have missed out on some great opportunities. 

His music education and audio recording degree has proven to be invaluable to his future. He attributes his success to the instructors and knowledge AIMM presented him with.

If you are an aspiring artist and it is your dream to be an audio engineer, or work in the music production industry, then our Atlanta music school could be the right choice for you! 

Other successful Music Production Alumni from AIMM include Turbo the Great and Kesha Lee.

Our Associate Degree in Music Production  

The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media offers residents of Decatur, Ga an opportunity to learn from the best with our Music Production Associate of Applied Science Degree. 

This program includes courses that will further students knowledge and abilities in music, recording, and audio engineering. Students in the Music Production Degree program will successfully improve their previous musical abilities, while gaining invaluable knowledge about the industries that are less familiar to them, like post production, audio engineering, and recording. 

Completing all general education classes is an additional requirement of the AAS degree program. Students in the Music Production and Audio for Media Associate Degree Program must also complete a variety of rewarding courses that have been specially created, designed, and hand selected to provide students with the best knowledge and abilities.

Students will use these skills to perfectly sync sound to media, like in video games, film, and television. The varying sound forms can include,

  • dialogue
  • music
  • location audio 
  • sound effects

Industry professionals double as our accredited instructors. They utilize their own degrees, in addition to their abundance of work related experiences, to educate students in a classroom environment. 

They employ a variety of instructional techniques to appeal to all learning types. Our music and media college near Decatur utilizes teaching practices like, 

  • lab instruction
  • practical application instruction
  • live clinics hosted by industry professionals

A variety of teaching styles makes our Georgia Music School appealing. Traditional classroom instruction combined with hands-on experience will appeal to all learning abilities and produces the best graduates, who are equipped with the necessary knowledge and real world experience to succeed. 

The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media offers a valuable certificate opportunity, the Pro-Tools Certification for audio and film post production! Additionally, a variety of degree and certificate programs include, music production and audio engineering degrees.

Our Georgia music school services Decatur, and provides its students with the latest and greatest technologies via the best state of the art equipment. Our scholars will learn on the same equipment that professionals use everyday.

Therefore, upon graduation, your education will not have only enhanced your musical talents but also have readied your technical ones!

Students studying in the MPAM program will find themselves graduating with confidence. Our college’s main goal is to prepare students and provide them with an exceptional education.

Graduates will have the necessary knowledge, skills, trade secrets, and opportunities for them to obtain and succeed in any music production or other desired career.

The Appeal of Our Music School Near Decatur

Music Production School Atlanta

The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media offers many certificate and degree programs in a variety of industries, including music production and audio for media. Each program’s curriculum is purposefully designed to yield extremely knowledgeable graduates, ready to pursue a successful career in their desired media related field.

Students are almost guaranteed to graduate with confidence, allowing them to obtain a fulfilling career. Our music institution servicing Decatur can help students find a job, which is easy with the classroom knowledge and hands-on experience our priceless education has provided students with. 

As an additional part of our curriculum, students are required to  produce a recorded portfolio. They create this portfolio throughout their time studying at AIMM. This portfolio is a demonstration of each students abilities, and when combined with an impressive resume, can easily help any student demonstrate their capabilities as an artist to a potential employer!

The high demand for skilled and technologically advanced composers and producers makes right now a great time to pursue an music production, mixing, editing, or  audio engineering degree!

Professionals are being quickly sought after, and with AIMM’s state of the art engineering technology, and industry professional instructors, our school can be exactly what you need to jump start your dream career! 

If you want to become a professional audio engineer or an music producer and you live in Decatur, Ga, then look no further than AIMM!

Atlanta’s best music college can prepare you for the career you have always dreamed of. Our graduates have the greatest potential to succeed and our school can take you anywhere that you wish to go. The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media is exactly where you should be!

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