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Journalism has always been popular, but the profession is going through some changes lately. The first is that employers are more interested in applicants who have an associates degree in journalism job than those who simply have a high school diploma. Those of you seeking a career in journalism will find your search much easier when associate degree in journalism salary information.

Associate Degree In Journalism

An associate degree often is earned in general areas of study that include the humanities, business, social science, science and technical fields. Credits earned in pursuit of an associate degree can be used toward obtaining a bachelor’s degree.

Associate Degree in Journalism

Photography, A.A.

Denver, USA

Professional Photography students at PPCC learn from some of the finest professional photographers in the Pikes Peak Region. Through classroom work, intensive projects, and internships, students gain a deep understanding of the photography field and the technical skills they need to prepare for a creative, rewarding career. 

Associate degree program in Photography

Clarkesville, USA +2 More

The Photography associate degree program prepares students for employment in the diverse and growing field of photography. The Photography associate degree program provides learning opportunities that introduce, develop, and reinforce academic and occupational knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for job acquisition, retention, and advancement. 

A.S. In Communications: Broadcasting option

Enfield, USA

Students choosing the Broadcasting Option focus their studies on media production. Classes include audio, video, and television production, as well as web design. Broadcasting students are encouraged to enrol in the Radio Practicum class and pursue internships, as hands-on experience is highly valued in this aspect of the communications industry. 

Associate in Arts in Broadcasting – Journalism and Broadcasting/Broadcasting Emphasis

Oklahoma City, USA

If you’re self-confident, assertive, creative, enthusiastic and inquisitive – this is the career for you. At Oklahoma City Community College, you can get practical experience in the behind-the-scenes operations of America’s electronic media – essential to gaining employment since broadcasters don’t traditionally want to train new workers. You want to be ready to jump in from day one. 

AA in Journalism and Communication

Haverhill, USA

If you like to write, have a curious nature, and want to work in a fast-paced field, the Journalism and Communication program is for you. This program will prepare you for a career in print or broadcast journalism, public relations, or corporate communications.

Communications and Fine Arts Division Home

Warner, USA

The Communication and Fine Arts division includes English, Speech, Humanities, Journalism, Foreign Language, Music, and Art. Many of these courses are the basic courses for the General Education program and the cornerstone courses for the Arts and Letters Degree.

AA in Journalism/Mass Communications

Kilgore, USA

Kilgore College has one of the most outstanding communications and journalism programs in the nation.

Journalism & Integrated Media Associate in Applied Arts

University Center, USA

Do you enjoy researching a topic and presenting what you have learned to others? Do you like taking photographs or creating digital presentations? If so, studying Journalism & Integrated Media at Delta College is a great way to start a dynamic and growing career.

Digital Mass Media A.A. – Journalism Option

Toms River, USA

The A.A. degree in Digital Mass Media offers students the first two years of courses and fieldwork which allows students to transfer into a baccalaureate program or to seek immediate employment. The program prepares for a variety of production positions at newspapers and magazines (print and online), radio and television stations, (and their associated Web sites), cable systems, video production companies and other production facilities. The program also prepares students for careers as publicity writers for public relations firms, advertising agencies, businesses, and organizations. The curriculum gives students hands-on writing, production and programming experience at the College radio station, television station, video editing/post production lab, literary magazine, and the print and online versions of the college newspaper. Students also gain experience in blogs, podcasts and other new media used by both professional and citizen journalists. 

Journalism Minor

Wayne, USA

Writer, photographer, investigator, critic – a journalist wears many different hats. The exciting field of journalism is always changing, but the fundamentals behind a journalist’s work remain the same.

associates degree in journalism salary

Associate’s degree programs in journalism are typically designed for students with little or no writing or media experience and are sometimes geared for those who plan on transferring to a bachelor’s degree program. Prerequisites for an associate’s degree program usually only require a high school diploma or equivalent.

PrerequisitesHigh school diploma or equivalent
Common CoursesMass communication, feature writing, media law, editing
Online OptionsCertificate, bachelor’s and master’s programs available online
Job Outlook (2019-2029)-11% for Reporters, Correspondents, and Broadcast News Analysts*
Median annual Salary (May 2020)$49,300 for Reporters and Correspondents*

associate degree in journalism jobs

The types of journalism jobs you qualify for depend on your educational qualifications, interests, skills and long-term goals. Here are 10 well-paying jobs for journalism majors to consider:

1. Content writer

National average salary: $17.54 per hour

Primary duties: A content writer produces print content, online articles, website copy, product pages, video scripts, advertisement copy, email newsletters, social media posts and more. For this, they may conduct research, help develop a content creation plan, work with brand guidelines and check marketing metrics. They may also take part in creative briefings and content brainstorming sessions with editors, content strategists, designers and other professionals.

2. Staff writer

National average salary: $38,335 per year

Primary duties: A staff writer produces a variety of compelling content for traditional and online media organizations. They write articles, manuals, guides, overviews, white papers, frequently asked questions and more. They conduct research, perform fact-checking, keep current with trends, pitch content ideas and help shape the brand identity. They often work simultaneously on multiple content projects, and usually in collaboration with editors, content strategists, writers, print designers, web designers and other professionals.

3. News producer

National average salary: $46,900 per year

Primary duties: A news producer gathers news and selects stories for broadcasting. They conduct interviews, write news copy, approve news scripts and create interactive content for web and social media. They shoot news videos, commission news graphics and edit news audios. Additionally, they assist news anchors and news reporters in timely news delivery.

4. News editor

National average salary: $47,686 per year

Primary duties: A news editor oversees the entire publishing process for news organizations, media outlets, publishing firms and online media companies. Their work can involve researching and planning content for publication, creating in-house style guides and commissioning writers to produce the content. They can write headlines, check content for style consistency and make any necessary editing decisions. They can prepare and approve the publication layouts for books, journals, manuscripts, manuals and online media. Additionally, they can plan and implement an online and offline communications strategy and draft press releases.

5. Freelance writer

National average salary: $25.07 per hour

Primary duties: A freelance writer works on a contract basis with companies and organizations across a range of industries. They write a variety of B2B and B2C content, including articles, brochures, product data sheets, presentations, social media posts and other deliverables. They can pitch content ideas, write articles and follow brand guidelines. They generally work on their own, manage multiple projects and meet tight content deadlines.

6. Copywriter

National average salary: $50,992 per year

Primary duties: A copywriter develops creative concepts and strategic ideas to write innovative, persuasive copy that resonates with readers. They write brochures, advertising campaigns, emails and blogs. Aside from ensuring error-free and attention-grabbing marketing content for print and digital media, they adapt and maintain a cohesive content tone to align with established brand style guides. They often work with a creative team and juggle multiple projects on tight deadlines.

7. Social media planner

National average salary: $54,053 per year

Primary duties: A social media planner plans, executes and manages an organization’s social media strategy for brand promotion. They execute paid advertising campaigns and build mutually beneficial relationships with clients, vendors, partners and investors. They understand the best practices for content dissemination across various social media platforms. They work in collaboration with different internal teams, plan social media advertising budgets and schedule social media campaigns to meet business goals.

8. Content manager

National average salary: $56,771 per year

Primary duties: A content manager is responsible for planning content development strategies for various print and online media properties. Collaborating with creative and marketing teams, they create an editorial calendar to produce regular, relevant, engaging and impactful content for brand promotion. For this, they stay current with industry trends and use project management tools. To boost the brand’s market performance, they create test plans, review web analytics and improve production processes.

9. Digital strategist

National average salary: $60,078 per year

Primary duties: A digital strategist collaborates with content development, marketing and social media management teams to create digital promotional strategies. They keep current with emerging digital trends and identify the target audience for their organization’s products. They then produce and publish informative, appealing and up-to-date marketing content to foster brand and product awareness. Additionally, they increase user engagement with SEO techniques and maintain open communication channels with the organization’s clients.

10. Communications manager

National average salary: $60,571 per year

Primary duties: A communications manager works with a company, organization or institution to plan, develop and implement their communications strategies and programs for promotional and marketing purposes. They develop innovative publicity ideas and produce exceptional content on strict deadlines. They also manage the communications budget, organize promotional events and assist with fundraising efforts. As part of their duties, they interact with employees, management and investors.

university of people

University of the People (UoPeople) is a non-profit privatedistance education university.


University of the People was launched by educational entrepreneur Shai Reshef in January 2009. Although the university has no campus due to its online distance learning nature, it uses a shared office in California as an office of admission.

The first UoPeople students began classes in September 2009, studying for associate and bachelor’s degrees in business administration and computer science. At that time, the school had no accreditation and did not charge any fees or tuition.

In February 2012, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation awarded the University of the People a grant of $613,282 for the purposes of helping the university earn national accreditation.[4][better source needed] Two years later, the university was accredited for degree-granting programs through the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC).

In 2016, the university began offering an online MBA.

In 2017, the University of Edinburgh partnered with the school so that graduates of the University of the People could complete a bachelor’s at UE.  That same year, Olympian Simone Biles became a student and a spokeswoman for the school, and in 2018 she set up a scholarship fund to help financially struggling students.

UoPeople in Arabic, announced in the World Economic Forum in April 2019, launched in September 2020 with its own website in Arabic; it uses a different website in Arabic and does not require proof of English knowledge while issuing American degrees.

In 2020, the University became a member of UNESCO global education coalition.

University of the People received candidate status in June 2021 with WASC Senior College and University Commission which is a regional accrediting body; WASC states that “Candidacy indicates that the institution meets all or nearly all the Standards at a minimum level. Candidacy is not accreditation and does not ensure eventual accreditation”.

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