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The American University of Barbados offers students from high school to postgraduate programs an unparalleled accredited American curriculum on the island of Barbados, with a variety of majors and minors to choose from.

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American University Of Barbados Curriculum

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American University of Barbados (AUB) offers a balanced medical curriculum comparable to US medical schools and designed to help prepare students to practice medicine in the US, UK and also the Caribbean. The medical sciences curriculum is taught on AUB’s campus in Barbados. The campus is technologically advanced with a new Medical Science Resource center and anatomy lab. Students complete their clinical training in affiliated teaching hospitals in the United States and other countries. Sessions commence in January, May, and September, with semester terms of 16 weeks in duration.


5 1/2 years MD Program (Pre medical + Basic Science + Clinical Science)

4 years MD Program (Basic Science + Clinical Science)

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american university of barbados scholarship

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Scholarships, Grants and Awards

The American University of Barbados, School of Medicine offers scholarships, grants and awards to selected students. Eligible students may earn merit based academic scholarships and awards or grants for community service and extracurricular activities.

All candidates seeking admission from May 2019 onwards are eligible to apply for any of the scholarships, grants and awards.

SCHOLARSHIPS ($4,000 – $20,000)

Scholarships are awarded to selected applicants who have demonstrated high academic achievements and have met the criteria for eligibility as established by the Scholarship Committee. All scholarships require recipients to maintain the specified GPA and successfully complete the program.


Awarded to applicants with an undergraduate of GPA 3.0 or higher.


Awarded to applicants with an undergraduate GPA of 3.25 or higher.


Awarded to applicants with an undergraduate GPA of 3.50 or higher.


Awarded to applicants with an undergraduate GPA of 3.75 or higher.


Awarded to applicants with an undergraduate GPA of 3.8 or higher.


Qualified applicants may be awarded this grant if they have demonstrated leadership in community service nationally or internationally.


This grant may be awarded to applicants demonstrating outstanding performance in sports or other extracurricular activities.


Eligibility is based on the citizenship of the Caricom nations. A grant of $7000 will be awarded to students who have proof of citizenship of a Caricom nation.


Barbadian Grant of $10,000 is awarded to eligible Barbadian students having proof of citizenship. Hence students receiving this grant shall not be eligible for the Caricom student grant.


An award of $2000 is given to any AUB student who scores 230 or above in the USMLE Step 1 examination on the first attempt and also to those who score 240 or above in USMLE Step 2 (CK/CS) examination in the first attempt.


This award is given to the students who have published research articles, review articles, case reports, etc. in journals that are indexed in PubMed, Scopus, Index Copernicus, Index Medicus, Web of Science or other reputed and recognised indexing bodies.

  • All scholarships, grants and awards are at the discretion of the committee and may be withdrawn or amended without prior notice.
  • In any given intake, each scholarship and grant may be awarded to a limited number of qualifying students.
  • Scores obtained in national pre-medical examinations (such as MCAT, NEET etc.) may also be considered for awarding scholarships.
  • All scholarships, grants and awards are subject to verification of the documents submitted and may be revoked if supporting documents/credentials are found to be forged or fake.
  • If a student on scholarship or grant leaves the institution before the completion of the MD program, he/she will no longer be eligible for the scholarship and will have to deposit full fee for the duration of their study at AUB.
  • Students on scholarship or grants are expected to maintain a consistent academic performance and passing grades in all subjects throughout their study duration till the completion of their MD programme, in order to retain the scholarship or grants.
  • Eligibility will be calculated on an undergraduate GPA (Grade Point Average) on a four-point scale.
  • All figures are represented in US Dollars.

american university of barbados admission requirements

American University of Barbados | Unipupil

The American University of Barbados Office of Admission, assists students in every aspect of their college search process. This being one of the many reasons why AUB has a 90% first-year retention rate, highest in the nation for a regional institution (public or private). The Office of Admissions at AUB-with the support of the campus community and in accordance with the mission, vision, goals and ethical framework of the institution-seeks to attract and enroll a full class of students who will uphold and advance the exceptional quality of the University. These students should demonstrate academic excellence, intellectual curiosity, a desire to be challenged by rigorous coursework and collaborative research, and the potential for further academic success within the University’s educational model. The Office of Admissions seeks those students whose experience at AUB will be mutually beneficial to both themselves and the institution.


The general admission criteria for Pre Medical program is US High School Diploma or equivalent.

USA/Canada : High School Diploma

Caribbean : Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE)

UK : Advanced Level (“A” Level)

Asian Sub Continent : Higher Secondary School or Intermediate or 10+2 equivalent

Africa : Senior Secondary Certificate


Applicants must be at least 19 years of age at the time of admission or by December 31st in the year admission is taken in the MD program.

In addition to a high school diploma, AUB requires a minimum of 90 credit hours of college courses and strongly recommends that applicants on a degree from an accredited undergraduate institution. The following courses are a prerequisites:

General Biology / Zoology1 year
(2 Semesters)
8 Credit Hrs
General/ Inorganic Chemistry1 Year
(2 Semester)
8 Credit Hrs
Organic Chemistry1 Year
(2 Semester)
8 Credit Hrs
Physics1 Year
(2 Semester)
8 Credit Hrs
English* I1 Year
(2 Semester)
8 Credit Hrs
(Calculus or Statistics)
1 Year
(2 Semester)
8 Credit Hrs

The language of instruction for all programs is English. Applicants of non-English speaking countries may be asked to submit documentation of proficiency in English (TOEFL, IELTS or equivalent English course).

Students from non English speaking countries but from English Medium School, do not require to give TOEFL examination.

Students who have completed 2 semesters of University in humanities where essays in english comprised at least 40% of the overall mark will also be considered eligible.

Also students with Advanced Placement English and English Baccalaureate certification are considered eligible.

NOTE: Exceptions are made on a case by case basis at the discretion of the Admissions Committee.

Professional degrees in Nursing, Pharmacy, Podiatry, Allied Health, Public Health, Chiropractic or others will not be accepted as transfer credits. Thus, students with any of these degrees will not be accepted with advanced standing in the MD program.

Only credits from an IMED-listed medical school are eligible for transfer credits into the MD program. Acceptance of transfer credits depends upon formal review of course comparability which is at the discretion of the university. Any requests for advanced standing should be made at the time of initial application.

All applicants should note that any fraudulent documents or omissions made during the application process may result in withdrawal of acceptance/dismissal.

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