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Last Updated on January 18, 2023

Many students are interested in pursuing careers that relate to international relations, but may not know where the top schools in this field are located. This list of ranked American University International Relations Ranking can help you find the best school on which to focus your energy and time reaching your goals.

For the 15th consecutive year, American University’s School of International Service has been ranked No. 1 by U.S. News and World Report for undergraduate international relations in the United States. ISR is consistently ranked among the top schools of international affairs in the U.S., and it regularly ranks as one of the nation’s top 25 programs in a number of related fields such as public policy, political science and economics, with particularly strong rankings on business and finance, area studies and multidisciplinary studies

The American University (AU) is found in Washington, DC, United States. AU is a privately chartered non-profit organization and was founded in 1893. AU has been ranked as top ten international relations schools in the United States.

American University is a highly ranked university, in which over 5,500 international students applied to the university in addition to its 7,700+ native students. The student body of American University diversifies with 41 percent are female and 69 percent are Caucasian/White. Also, in comparison to other American universities, it has more male students than female students. American University is located at one of the most vibrant cultural city in the United States- Washington DC; therefore study abroad opportunities are vast especially for international undergraduate and graduate students. In directory to travel opportunities, AU offers a wide range of discussion-based classes and research opportunities.

American University, Washington, D.C.

The International Relations & National Security major is part of the social sciences program at American University.

We’ve pulled together some essential information you should know about the program, including how many students graduate each year, the ethnic diversity of these students, average starting salaries, and more. Also, learn how The American University ranks among other schools offering degrees in international relations.

American University, Washington, DC is currently the first school in America with a program devoted to international relations. International relations is concerned with patterns of political and economic interactions between different nations which can have both positive and negative effects on the global society.

The American University International Relations Rankings

The international relations major at The American University is not ranked on College Factual’s Best Colleges and Universities for International Relations & National Security. This could be for a number of reasons, such as not having enough data on the major or school to make an accurate assessment of its quality.

Ranking TypeRank
Most Popular Colleges for International Relations & National Security2
Most Focused Colleges for International Relations & National Security3
Highest Paid International Relations & National Security Graduates17

Popularity of International Relations at The American University

During the 2018-2019 academic year, American University handed out 448 bachelor’s degrees in international relations and national security. Due to this, the school was ranked #2 out of all colleges and universities that offer this degree. This is an increase of 6% over the previous year when 424 degrees were handed out.

In 2019, 353 students received their master’s degree in international relations from The American University. This makes it the #2 most popular school for international relations master’s degree candidates in the country.

In addition, 3 students received their doctoral degrees in international relations in 2019, making the school the #8 most popular school in the United States for this category of students.

Top U.S. Undergraduate Institutions to Study International Relations

  • 1.Harvard University51.10%
  • 2.Princeton University49.14%
  • 3.Stanford University41.67%
  • 4.Georgetown University39.46%
  • 5.Columbia University32.97%
  • 6.Yale University21.08%
  • 7.University of Chicago20.96%
  • 8.George Washington University17.40%
  • 9.American University15.20%
  • 10.University of California—Berkeley11.64%
  • 11.University of California—San Diego9.68%
  • 12.Dartmouth College9.56%
  • 13.Tufts University9.07%
  • 14.University of Michigan8.58%
  • 15.Johns Hopkins University7.23%
  • 16.College of William & Mary6.86%
  • 17.Massachusetts Institute of Technology6.37%
  • 18.Cornell University5.76%
  • 19.University of Pennsylvania4.53%
  • 19.Ohio State University4.53%
  • 21.Williams College3.68%
  • 22.Brown University3.31%
  • 23.University of Virginia3.19%
  • 24.Swarthmore College3.06%
  • 24.University of California—Los Angeles3.06%


Top Master’s Programs for Policy Career in International Relations

  • 1.Georgetown University60.53%
  • 2.Harvard University49.43%
  • 3.Johns Hopkins University48.30%
  • 4.Princeton University37.58%
  • 5.Columbia University37.45%
  • 6.Tufts University30.90%
  • 7.George Washington University29.38%
  • 8.American University21.06%
  • 9.London School of Economics18.16%
  • 10.University of Chicago13.75%
  • 11.Stanford University9.08%
  • 12.University of Oxford8.07%
  • 13.Yale University7.82%
  • 14.University of Denver7.31%
  • 15.University of California—San Diego5.42%
  • 16.Syracuse University4.67%
  • 17.University of Cambridge3.78%
  • 18.Massachusetts Institute of Technology3.28%
  • 18.University of Michigan3.28%
  • 20.University of California—Berkeley2.40%
  • 20.University of Pittsburgh2.40%
  • 22.New York University2.14%
  • 22.Sciences Po—Paris2.14%
  • 24.Duke University1.77%
  • 25.School of Oriental and African Studies1.51%

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Top Ph.D. Programs for Academic Career in International Relations

  • 1.Harvard University68.13%
  • 2.Princeton University60.78%
  • 3.Stanford University57.35%
  • 4.Columbia University39.45%
  • 5.University of Chicago27.61%
  • 6.Yale University25.83%
  • 7.University of California—San Diego21.45%
  • 8.Massachusetts Institute of Technology19.19%
  • 9.University of Michigan14.45%
  • 10.University of California—Berkeley14.34%
  • 11.Georgetown University10.66%
  • 12.University of Oxford10.55%
  • 13.Cornell University7.82%
  • 14.London School of Economics7.58%
  • 15.Ohio State University6.99%
  • 16.Johns Hopkins University5.69%
  • 17.George Washington University5.09%
  • 18.University of Cambridge4.98%
  • 19.American University4.50%
  • 20.Duke University3.91%
  • 21.New York University3.32%
  • 22.Tufts University2.96%
  • 22.University of Minnesota2.96%
  • 24.University of Wisconsin—Madison2.84%
  • 25.University of California—Los Angeles2.61%


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