College of southern Idaho paramedic program

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The Emergency Medical Services Program at the College of Southern Idaho offers training to enter the field of Emergency Medical Services. Basic Technical Certificate (BTC), Intermediate Technical Certificate (ITC), and an Associates of Applied Science (AAS) are available. All courses are approved by the State of Idaho EMS Bureau and successful graduates, who received a grade of 75% or higher in all EMSE courses, qualify to take the National Registry of EMTs Certification exams. These exams include the EMT, AEMT and Paramedic level certifications. Each plan of study coincides with a nation certification level. The BTC contains course work for the EMT certification level, while the ITC contains coursework for the AEMT course work. An AAS contains the necessary coursework to test for the national Paramedic certification.

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College of southern idaho paramedic program

Recognize and perform in the role, function, and responsibilities of an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in both the emergency care and operational aspects of EMT’s in the health care delivery system as defined by the Idaho Bureau of EMS, and the National Registry of EMT’s. Safely demonstrate competence in patient assessment and in skills as referenced to the current National EMS Education Standards for Emergency Medical Technicians and the State of Idaho Training Standards.

Use effective communication skills in written and verbal situations.

Apply legal and ethical principles in a variety of situations.

Recognize and properly respond to the affective needs of the patient.

Demonstrate competence in the use and care of the equipment required for optimum patient care and safety.



ALLH 100Introduction to Allied Health2 Credits
ALLH 101Medical Terminology2 Credits
EMSE 102Emergency Medical Technician8 Credits
EMSE 102LEmergency Medical Technician Lab*2 Credits

Online paramedic program

Online training for EMTs and paramedics, sounds impossible. How is it possible for anyone to sufficiently train for such important hands-on jobs without working face-to-face? The first reaction many people have to the prospect of distance education in the emergency medical field is to stay away. But that’s actually a little presumptive, with the presumption being that a person taking an online EMT or paramedic course receives all of their training that way. That’s simply not the case.

Preparing for any profession or occupation that, by its very nature,involves physical contact with something or someone else will invariably require both hands-on experience and, for lack of a more modern term, book learning. In fact, the non hands-on part of EMT and paramedic education is rather extensive, and distance education is a very good delivery system for that component of the formal education process.

Combining online coursework with in-class or in-the-field training is referred to in the distance education world as the “hybrid” format, which has proven itself a successful method of emergency medical training. So breathe a sigh of relief and continue reading to learn how online EMT and paramedic training works.

some colleges offer online learning opportunities in paramedicine and related first-response fields. While a portion of the coursework may require hands-on, in-person training, the academic elements can be handled via email, online chat, Blackboard, and other collaborative technology. The colleges below have strong online paramedic and EMT coursework that students can explore.

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