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Last Updated on December 22, 2022

Top 5 Universities for Master's in Accounting and Finance in Poland

Accounting degrees

Accounting degrees from business schools worldwide teach students how to record financial transactions, sort, classify, audit, and summarize financial information, while presenting it as financial reports and analyses. Accounting studies are closely linked to Finance degrees and both offer Business Sciences knowledge used by organisations to determine financial stability and profitability.

Study in Poland

Poland represents a great mix of quality education and affordable costs. International students can choose from over 400 universities where programmes are taught in Polish and English. The main advantage of choosing a Polish-taught degree is that you won’t have to pay any tuition fees. Polish people are known for their hospitality and specific sense of humour, which means you’ll have a lot of fun interacting with locals, making friends, and exploring your surroundings. When you’re not in classes, feel free to travel around, visit the beautiful castles, or go skiing in the Tatra Mountains (during the winter).

 What careers are available after completing a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting?

After obtaining a BA in Accounting, graduates can find positions as an actuarial analyst, an accountant, a business adviser, also a company secretary and a chartered accountant. Postgraduates in accounting work in organizations of all industries, for example, education, consulting, entrepreneurship, and manufacturing, additionally, there is a demand for outsourced accountants.

 What are the reasons to obtain the Bachelor’s degree in Accounting? analysts recommend obtaining a bachelor’s in accounting for the reason that accounting postgraduates are in demand, as organizations cannot function without them. A career as an accountant requires math, organizational and problem-solving skills. It provides a stable work environment and offers career prospects.

 Poland, Warsaw – Bachelor programs in Accounting statistics provides information about 19 Bachelor programs in Accounting at 19 universities in Warsaw, Poland. Furthermore, you can choose one of 15 Master programs in Accounting at 15 universities and 8 PhD programs in Accounting at 8 universities.

University of Warsaw

Admission requirements depend on:

1) the diploma giving access to undertake studies (Polish maturity diploma, IB diploma, EB diploma or foreign maturity diploma)

2) possible path of recruitment for candidates admitted on either terms applicable to Polish nationals or different terms than applicable to Polish nationals.

Check which set of terms applies to you at


Finance and International Investment Program aims at equipping students with professional knowledge about economics mechanisms and the instruments of international financial markets.Students learn how to manage modern financial engineering instruments of multinational corporations, have knowledge of the foreign exchange risk management techniques; optimization, corporate finance and international relations, especially these associated with investing in foreign assets. The program provides students with skills that enable them to prepare state-of-the-art analyses of the market value of enterprises and financial statements in accordance with accounting standards.

Program graduates will possess highly marketable qualifications of modern analytical methods and tools underpinned by broad social knowledge, and will gain expertise in financial markets and institutions, international financial management, monetary policy, banking, insurance and accounting.

These theoretical foundations, as well as the practical skills and analytical methods gained during their studies – like selected econometric and accounting tools – enable graduates to start their professional experience as economists, analysts, traders or accountants in financial institutions (banks, insurance companies, investment and pension funds), multi- national companies, government bodies, and research & educational institutions.

Obtaining a bachelor’s degree is also the ticket to take even the most demanding secondary studies at leading universities to obtain a master’s degree, particularly in the fields of economics, finance, or in other social sciences.

Studies in addition to equipment students with the basic knowledge and skills tools, train the ability to adapt to the changing economic environment, including changes in the labor market. They learn critical look at the results of analyzes, including their own, and economic events, in particular the opportunities and risks in the financial markets, which increases accountability and integrity of both the student and the employee. Studies are designed help promote intellectual openness, creativity and flexibility, the ability to self-education and raising qualifications, which features particularly valued in the labor market. Allow students to develop teamwork skills, as well as in the course of performing their tasks independently.

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