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Last Updated on December 20, 2022

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Early Childhood Education is an umbrella term that covers all kinds of educational programs serving children in preschool years. These formative years are crucial for children, and they need good teachers to help them begin their learning journey. Teachers are trained to aid in the cognitive and social development of preschoolers and prepare them for elementary school. They help create a strong foundation in language development, early math, and early literacy.

Types of degree programs covered in this ranking include the following:

  • Online Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education (BA)
  • Online Bachelor of Science in Education: Early Childhood Education (BS)
  • Online Bachelor of Applied Science in Child Development (BAS)
  • Online Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Development and Learning (BS)
  • Online Bachelor’s in Elementary Education: Early Childhood Education

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BS in Early Childhood Education (Adult Accelerated) | Eastern ...

The programs combine purposeful learning activities and play and experiences designed to offer enriched learning experiences that lead to a child’s development in all critical developmental areas. Along with conventional preschool or pre-kindergarten classrooms., trained teachers also work childcare and daycare, churches, community centers or nursery school settings. A well-rounded curriculum supports all areas of development, enhances learning, and addresses child health and nutrition.

An early childhood education bachelor’s degree is the first step to a rewarding career for those who are passionate about working with children before they are old enough to enter kindergarten. Students can opt for the general track or choose to specialize in a specific at-risk category within these programs. An online program offers a flexible, self-paced format for those who wish to gain a bachelor’s degree as they continue to work.

Programs are ranked simply by the fastest possible time to completion, from shortest to longest.


A top early childhood education accelerated program, Rochester College’s BS in Early Childhood Education not only gives students preparation to work in the field, but also gain experience in everything from professional ethics to hands-on techniques. Despite the coursework having a focus on creativity, development, and skills, students will use their studies in combination with practice and theory in preparation for working with families and children and varieties of settings. It’s possible for students to complete this ECE accelerated program online in as little as 16 months.

Founded in 1959 by the Churches of Christ, Rochester College is a well-respected Christian liberal arts college in suburban Detroit, MI. According to U.S. World News and Report’s top regional colleges for the Midwest, Rochester gets high marks for its small online class sizes, which make it possible for students to receive quality one-on-one education. As it expands, Rochester College plans to elevate to a university by 2020, making its early childhood education fast track program part of a larger institution.

Fastest Time to Completion: 16 months


Eastern Kentucky’s online Child and Family Studies Online Degree is one of the best early childhood education accelerated programs in the nation. Not only will students have an opportunity to participate in a versatile program but they’ll also be able to develop a rewarding career. Also, they’ll build the necessary skills to create strong families and positively impact their communities. Students can select from several program options including a Bachelor’s in Child and Family Studies – Child Development Concentration, Certificate in Infant/Toddler Care and Education, and Certificate in Early Childhood Director. Students can complete the ECE fast track program online in just 18 months, since EKU accepts up to 90 transfer credits.

Eastern Kentucky University dates back to 1906, when it opened as a teacher training school, but the university has truly come into its own with its 21st-century online degree programs. EKU ranks among the top 30 Top Public Regional Universities in the South according to U.S. News and World Report, as well as one of the best online bachelor’s colleges in the nation. Short, 8-week terms and a generous transfer policy have helped make EKU one of the best online educators, with one of the fastest education degree programs, anywhere in America.

Fastest Time to Completion: 18 months


MidAmerica Nazarene University’s Accelerated Elementary Education Unified program prepares students for certification in both Elementary and Special Education. Not only are these programs flexible, but they have a design specifically for working adults. Classes are available entirely online until students must receive their teaching experience. Students finishing their program will have certification in both SPED certification and elementary certification. For those who have a degree in another, it’s possible to take advantage of the licensure program. In doing so, students can complete their ECE accelerated program online and teach elementary age students in as few as 18 months.

MidAmerica Nazarene University was founded in 1966 as one of the eight Church of the Nazarene-affiliated liberal arts colleges spread across the US. Ranked among the top Regional Universities Midwest according to U.S. News and World Reports, MAU has earned a strong reputation for educational rigor and service learning. In addition, in recent years MidAmerica Nazarene has become one of the foremost names in online Christian education, including its early childhood education accelerated program.

Fastest Time to Completion: 18 months


Rasmussen College’s online Early Childhood Education accelerated program is designed for working adults who would like to launch or advance their careers without having to attend on-campus. When prospective students are on a mission to have a positive impact on the lives of children through education, ECE programs will help them achieve their goals. Students will acquire skills in promoting the healthy development of the emotional, intellectual, language, physical, and social skills of children. Diploma and Associate level degree program offerings include Child with Special Needs and Child Development. Students participating in this accelerated early childhood education degree program can finish in as little as 18 months.

Rasmussen College began in 1900 as a private, for-profit business school in Minnesota, focused on practical skills for young businessmen (and, eventually, women). Today, Rasmussen is the rare for-profit college to have earned regional accreditation, and has earned Gold standing in the CDA Credential and Council for Professional Recognition. Rasmussen strives to meet the diverse needs of the community with a dynamic curriculum, innovative programs, and general education skills, including its early childhood education fast track program.

Fastest Time to Completion: 18 months


Concordia University St. Paul’s online BA in Child Development is an accelerated early childhood education degree that allows working adults to attend flexible classes on their schedule. The program emphasizes the National Association for the Education for Young Children’s standards. Therefore, those graduating will have prepared for articulating theories, defining developmental practices, creating inclusive learning environments, and more. Students must complete fieldwork in a licensed early childhood learning or child care center. In less than 24 months of accelerated 7-week terms, students can complete this 42-credit ECE accelerated program online.

Concordia University St. Paul is part of the renowned Concordia system, made up of nine top-ranked Lutheran colleges. Founded in 1893, Concordia St. Paul is widely recognized as one of the top regional universities in the Midwest, but they have especially become known (along with the rest of the Concordia colleges) for their exceptional online degree programs. Their online programs have allowed Concordia to not only meet the needs of nontraditional students in Minnesota, but across the US and the world. With that reach, they’re one of the fastest education degree programs anywhere.

Fastest Time to Completion: less than 24 months


Liberty University’s online BS in Early Childhood Education accelerated program lets students pursue their passion for teaching without giving up their teaching to go back to school, with limited disruptions to their daily life. Those seeking their degree will receive knowledge regarding early childhood development’s essential psychological milestones as well as the fundamentals of instruction. Those graduating can also continue their education to earn their master’s in teaching. In less than 24 months of fast 8-week terms, it’s possible for students to obtain their accelerated early childhood education degree. Students can even transfer in as much as 75% of their required courses to the ECE fast track program online.

Founded by evangelist Jerry Falwell, Liberty began in 1971 as a fairly conventional Christian college. Conventional, that is, until they discovered the power of online education at the turn of the century. Today, Liberty is one of the dominant institutions in online higher education, and their huge online division has made Liberty the largest Christian university in the world. A commitment to high-quality, convenient adult education includes one of the fastest education degree programs in the US. Liberty University’s School of Education receives its accreditation from the NCATE.

Fastest Time to Completion: less than 24 months


Northern Arizona University’s online BS in Education Early Childhood Education accelerated program gives working adults in childcare the chance to for those who would like to earn their bachelor’s degree as they see fit. A certificate program in Early Childhood Education is also available for those who are pursuing their degree in Elementary Education. This ECE accelerated program online is specifically designed for busy working adults to finish in less than 24 months, thanks to a generous transfer program that accepts up to 75 credit toward the full 120.

Northern Arizona University began as a teacher training school in 1899, and the needs of Arizona’s teachers and prospective teachers have been at the center of their mission ever since. As a regional university, NAU is dedicated to outreach and getting to the most students possible, which is why Northern Arizona has also become a top-ranked online educator. Their student-centered curriculum focuses on integrity, diversity, and service – all values that are basic to early childhood education as well. That helps make NAU’s accelerated early childhood education degree one of the best in the Southwest.

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