3 Easy Methods To Detect Plagiarism In Academic Research Paper

Last Updated on August 25, 2023

Plagiarism is the biggest problem that you have to face while writing a research paper. It is compulsory to check for plagiarism before submitting your paper to avoid rejection. Do you want to learn different easy methods to find plagiarism in your paper?

This blog aims to discuss multiple ways to check plagiarism in your content within a few seconds. But let’s have a look at the facts about plagiarism before diving deeply into checking processes. 

The main reason why plagiarism is getting common is extra content available on the internet. In almost every field, hundreds of people have already worked which makes it hard for a student to write a research paper without duplications. 

According to research, 80% of college students have admitted that they have plagiarized their work at least once. No doubt, it is hard to write plagiarism free but it is not right to copy others. The time has gone when it did not matter to anyone as professors were unable to find it. 

Now, there are multiple methods available for plagiarism detection. Here we are going to discuss 3 easy ways to do this within a few seconds. 

3 Methods to Detect Plagiarism

1.   Direct Google Search 

Do you know what is the biggest search engine on the internet? Of course, you know that Google is the biggest search engine. It has published almost every paper available in its database that you can access with a single search. 

This simple way of search can also be used to detect plagiarism in your research paper. It is common to copy a complete paragraph or sentence from other papers while writing. By using this way, you can easily get a preview of that paper from where it is copied. 

Here are the steps that you have to follow to use this method for checking plagiarism. 

  • Go to Google 
  • Paste lines that you have copied from your research paper 
  • Click on Enter button to start searching 
  • Explore the results and see if the search engine has found matches with your content 

It is pretty simple to check plagiarism using this method. But it has a disadvantage due to which many writers avoid it. In this type of plagiarism detection method, you will not be able to find plagiarism in your work if a few words have been found copied. 

You will be shown results with matched lines or phrases in bold format. But it will not show if it has found a few words in any of the published articles. 

2.   Using Plagiarism Checker 

It is the most used and appropriate method to check plagiarism in your research. Using the internet, you can search for a plagiarism checker that will help you in accomplishing this task. 

Such tools are designed with a particular algorithm and vast database. The main purpose of these tools is to compare your text with every document available in their databases. A plagiarism checker will not show you duplicate lines only. 

But it will also tell you if your content has copied words or phrases. In simple words, it is a better way to check plagiarism in your content as it will make sure to display the most accurate report. 

Moreover, the process to analyze the plagiarism report with this type of tool is simple. You only have to scroll down the screen to check those lines that have been found copied. To use this tool, you only have to follow these steps. 

  • Go to a plagiarism checker 
  • Paste your text or upload the file from your device 
  • Click on the Check Plagiarism button 
  • Wait until it is done 
  • Scroll down to check the results of your text regarding plagiarism 
  • By clicking on a plagiarized sentence, you can also check the source link and original line 

The process to check plagiarism using a tool is used widely on the internet. It is because of its deep comparison and simple analysis of the results. You should use a plagiarism checker to get an accurate report of your paper’s uniqueness. 

3.   Sentence Structure Search 

Here is another method through which you can check plagiarism in your content. It will be a time taking process as you have to check the results in different ways. Let us first clear what this type of plagiarism checking process is. 

In this process, you have to compare your sentence structure. It looks rare because you may not have heard about such type of plagiarism. Actually, there is a particular type of plagiarism named “Paraphrasing plagiarism”. 

Many students think that paraphrasing is not considered plagiarism. No doubt, if you are reading the entire paper and writing the core meanings in your words, you are not plagiarizing. 

But many students rephrase the sentences instead of reading entire papers. This type of plagiarism is called Paraphrasing plagiarism. To get a report of plagiarism from this dimension, you should have to be a little smart. 

You should need to copy a sentence and paste it on Google. The search engine will display the results with matched words or intent. By looking at the results, you can check if your sentence has the same structure as any of those. 

If you have found any match in this sector, it means that one may have rewritten that specific line. In this way, you can remove that line or try to eliminate plagiarism using any other approach. 

Why It is Important to Check Plagiarism in A Research Paper?

It is a common question asked by students who are working on a research paper. Keep in mind that plagiarism is considered an unethical act with dimensions in the stealing sector. 

It is called a particular type of content stealing where you are found guilty. Due to plagiarism, you may have to face issues like paper rejection, subject failure, low grades, and others. 

To avoid all such conditions, it is compulsory to check plagiarism in your paper and make it unique. When you have a plagiarism report of your paper, you can easily reword those lines to make them unique before publishing your paper or submitting it. 

Final Verdict 

In the above lines, we have mentioned the 3 best ways to check plagiarism in your research paper. We have also shown you how important it is to check for plagiarism. 

You should have to make sure that you have checked plagiarism in your content before submission. We recommend you choose a plagiarism checker for this purpose because of its efficient working. 

Also, it will save a lot of time that you have to invest in manual Google search methods. Also, it will enable you to access copied sentences directly without making any delay. In this way, you can submit your work without any confusion within the deadline. 

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