12 Week Paramedic Program

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The 12 Week Paramedic Program is a nationally recognized program that teaches students how to be a quick thinking, efficient and smart paramedic! Our instructors are affiliated with many local EMS agencies and provide one on one instruction from classroom to field. Students enrolled in the 12 week online paramedic program will receive a copy of the Fire Fighter’s Java Command Card which is the same card they will be using in a hastle pack when in a police/fire/EMS agency. Upon completion of this course they will receive a certificate from the American river college paramedic program. This program is taught by American river college in.

We’re so excited to share the ins and outs of our 12 Week Paramedic Program with you!

In this blog, we’ll cover all the basics—from what a paramedic is and how they work to how you can get a job as one. We’re also thrilled to share our students’ stories as they go through the program, and we’ll keep you updated every step of the way!

So read on and enjoy!

Prospective paramedics in Nebraska can earn a diploma, certificate or associate’s degree. A diploma program may take three months and one year for a certificate, while an associate’s degree can likely be completed in two years.

To be admitted to a paramedic program, an applicant must meet specific admission requirements. This may include providing proof of EMT-Basic certification. Certain documentation must also be provided prior to starting the clinical portion of the program, such as confirmation of criminal background and drug screening, physical examination, current immunizations and insurance. These requirements may vary by school. The curriculum includes multiple clinical sessions, a limited number of general education classes and core emergency medicine content in order to prepare students for licensing examinations.

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How to Get a Job in Canada as a Paramedic

As an aspiring paramedic, you might be looking for a basic introduction to the industry. If you’re still a while away from signing up for a full-fledged certification program, or if you just want to get familiar with the industry before taking the plunge, our 12 week paramedic program might be right for you!

This 12 week course is designed to provide a solid overview and introduction to the field of paramedics. You’ll learn the basics of how to manage patients in an emergency situation, and how to work with other first responders in the field. We introduce our students to realistic scenarios that help them hone their skills and practice responding in a safe environment.

With this program, you’ll learn:

How to identify and treat basic injuries and common emergencies

How to communicate effectively with patients in distress

How to manage your own safety when working in an emergency situation

The basics of anatomy and biology as they apply to paramedical work

The program also includes a final exam and certificate of completion at its end. We’re proud of all our graduates, and we can’t wait for you to reach this important milestone!

12 Week Paramedic Program

The 12-week paramedic program is designed to prepare students for their careers as paramedics. The program includes 168 hours of paramedic class time and 240 hours of hospital-based clinical rotations, and can be completed in as little as 12 weeks.

Mid-Plains Community College

12-Week Accelerated Classroom Paramedic Diploma Program. Optional A.A.S. degree at McCook Community College, McCook Nebraska. Rates listed are for the 2017-2018  academic year.

$9,594 includes 42-credit hours Resident Tuition and Fees, Program Fees, Textbooks, Housing, and Meals.

$10,770 includes 42-credit hours Non-Resident Tuition and Fees,
Program Fees, Textbooks, Housing, and Meals.

Accelerated Paramedic Program Overview: The 12-week Accelerated Paramedic Program at McCook Community College is designed to provide the required classroom training and education to develop competent Paramedics. The accelerated version of the paramedic training consolidates the didactic training in which the students attend class 40 contact hours per week for 12 weeks. Prices are subject to change.

Emergency Medical Services Technology - Paramedic | GCTC

This program is hard work. It’s not just classroom training—you’ll be out in the field, learning how to do things like monitor vital signs, read electrocardiograms, and administer intravenous fluids. But if you put in the work, we guarantee you’ll walk away with the knowledge you need to succeed as a paramedic.

UCLA paramedic program

Mid-Plains Community College

The paramedic program at North Platte’s Mid-Plains Community College and McCook Community College in McCook is available in a traditional and an accelerated version. The 12-week accelerated diploma program, available at McCook Community College, consists of classroom education, 230 hours of clinical training and 200 hours of practical training.

The traditional program includes 18 months of didactic training with two evening classes per week. Once this is completed, the student completes the clinical rounds and field experiences over the next 12 months. Those who complete the traditional program earn an associate’s degree.

Southeast Community College

Lincoln’s Southeast Community College has a 15-month associate’s degree program for aspiring paramedics. Students complete classroom and laboratory education experiences, and they learn about essential paramedic training in airway management, rescue operations and medical emergencies. Internships and practicums are also part of the program. Southeast Community College has many education options, such as online courses, internships, cooperative education opportunities and possible study abroad opportunities.

oregon paramedic programs

We’ve recently added a course in CPR, which means that you’ll be able to learn everything you need in order to acquire your first job as a paramedic, as well as everything you need to know about reviving and saving lives.

Central Community College

This college in Grand Island offers paramedicine programs accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP). Applicants will need to satisfactorily complete an interview to gain admission into the programs. Three programs are available: a certificate, a diploma and an associate’s degree.

The 38-credit certificate program provides all necessary paramedic training. Students learn about trauma injuries, patient diagnosis and pharmacology. They also complete clinical and field internships. The 49-credit diploma and 61-credit associate’s degree programs build on the certificate program, and they both provide additional general education courses.

McCook Community College has a 12 week paramedic program. What does everybody think of this accelerated program?

I know most people in EMS do not think highly of accelerated programs, but I can’t image spending a year to become a paramedic when to become an RN would only take one more additional year.
I have a biomedical degree and minor in chemistry, NREMT-B, CNA, PADI Open water diver, shadowing experience, GPA 3.8, MCAT 29O and still can’t get into med school, so what would be the best back up plan?  

Primary Care Paramedic - Certificate

american river college paramedic program Requirements

To work as a paramedic in Nebraska, a candidate must take and pass a state-approved EMT (emergency medical technician) training program and have current CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) certification. The candidate must also be certified Nebraska as an EMT. To be nationally certified, aspiring paramedics must pass the NREMT (National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians) paramedic exam. The computer-based exam can only be taken at authorized training centers. All seven schools listed above prepare graduates for paramedic certification exams.

accelerated paramedic program new york

It’s hard to imagine what emergent situations will demand of us as paramedics—all we know is that we’ll have to have the skills and knowledge necessary to save lives. Our students will be able to do just that.

School NameSchool Type and SettingParamedic Training Programs OfferedUndergraduate Tuition & Fees (2018-2019)
Central Community College2-year, public; small cityParamedicine Diploma
Paramedicine Certificate of Completion,
A.A.S. in Paramedicine
$3,000 in-state; $4,320 out-of-state*
Creighton University4-year, private; non-profit; large cityParamedic Program$39,916*
Metropolitan Community College2-year, public; large cityEmergency Medical Technician-Paramedic Certificate of Achievement,
Associate of Applied Science in Professional Health Studies – EMT-Paramedic track
$3,105 in-state; $4,545 out-of-state*
Mid-Plains Community College2-year, public; remote townEMT-Paramedic (Traditional) Associate of Applied Science,
EMT-Paramedic (Accelerated) Diploma
$3,210 in-state; $4,050 out-of-state*
Northeast Community College2-year, public; remote townParamedic Associate of Applied Science$3,480 in-state; $4,635 out-of-state*
Southeast Community College Area2-year, public; large cityParamedic Associate of Applied Science$3,128 in-state; $3,758 out-of-state*
Western Nebraska Community College2-year, public; remote townEmergency Medical Technician-Paramedic Certificate,
Emergency Medical Technician Associate of Occupational Studies
$2,820 in-state; $2,928 out-of-state*

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